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15 Reasons to Consider Getting a Magnetic Screen Door

Magnetic Screen Door

If you’re on the fence about purchasing a magnetic screen door, let us offer some compelling reasons why it might be worth the investment.

1. Keep Bugs Out

If you live in an area with lots of pesky bugs, a magnetic screen door can provide the perfect solution. The magnets allow the screen to easily open and close as needed, but still keep bugs from getting inside your home. This saves you the hassle of constantly having to open and close a traditional screen door.

2. No More Slamming Doors 

The magnetic seal allows for a smooth and quiet closure every time. The loud sound  of a slamming screen door can be annoying and disruptive, especially if you have sleeping children or pets in the house. A magnetic screen door allows for a smooth and quiet closure every time, eliminating the issue of loud slamming doors.

3. Increase Ventilation in Your Home 

With a magnetic screen door,  you can easily open your door to let fresh air in while still keeping your home secure from bugs and potential intruders.

4. Easy Installation 

Most magnetic screen doors come with all the necessary hardware and can be set up in just a few minutes. No more hiring someone to install a traditional screen door, or spending hours trying to do it yourself.

5. Full Accessibility

The magnetic seal allows easy entry for both humans and pets. Your dogs  and cats can easily come in and out without having to constantly open and close the door for them. Additionally, the screen door won’t get in the way of wheelchairs or other mobility devices.

6. Keeps Critters Out

Not only do magnetic screen doors keep bugs out, they also offer an extra level of protection against critters such as mice and squirrels. The magnets quickly close off any potential openings, keeping your home safe and critter-free.

7. Option for Hands-Free Entry 

You can easily go in and out of your house even when your hands  are full, thanks to the hands-free option that some magnetic screen doors offer. Hosting just got a lot easier!

8. No More Torn or Damaged Screens 

The durable mesh material of magnetic screen doors can withstand wear and tear much better than traditional screen doors. In fact,  some brands offer a lifetime warranty on the mesh material.

9. Available in a Variety of Sizes 

Magnetic screen doors come in an array of  sizes to fit almost any door frame. Whether you have a standard size front door or an extra-large sliding patio door, there’s likely a magnetic screen door to fit your needs.

10. Affordable 

Compared to traditional screen doors, magnetic screen doors are much more affordable and cost. If you’re on a budget, but still want the benefits of a screen door, a magnetic one is definitely worth considering.

11. Easy Removal for Winter

During the colder months,  you can easily remove the magnetic screen door for storage. No more struggling to open and close a stiff, frozen traditional screen door in the winter.

12. Improved Curb Appeal 

The sleek and modern design of a magnetic screen adds a touch of class to any home. Other screen doors can be bulky and unsightly, but a magnetic screen door adds a clean and stylish look to your entryway.

13. Can be used for both in-swing and out-swing doors – 

Some brands offer a reversible design, allowing you to switch the screen door from an in-swing to an out-swing door, or vice versa. No matter the type of door you have, a magnetic screen door can work for you.

14. Useful for Residential or Commercial Settings

The convenience and  benefits of magnetic screen doors make them a great option for not only homes, but also businesses such as restaurants and retail stores. A magnetic screen makes your business look welcoming  and professional, while still keeping bugs and critters out.

15. Easy to Clean 

Just use a damp cloth to wipe away any dirt or debris. Compared to traditional screen doors, there are no difficult crevices or corners for dirt to get trapped in. The magnetic screen door stays looking clean and pristine with minimal effort.

16. Can Improve Energy Efficiency 

Keeping your door open to let in a cool breeze can reduce the need for air conditioning,  leading to lower energy bills. A magnetic screen door allows you to keep your door open while still keeping bugs and critters out, making it a great energy-saving option.

Overall, magnetic screen doors offer a convenient and affordable solution for keeping bugs and critters out while still allowing fresh air into your home. With a variety of sizes, easy installation and cleaning, and improved energy efficiency, magnetic screen doors are definitely worth considering for your home or business.

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