6 Most Productive Apps For Students in 2022

Students can’t study well when they have bad productivity. You need to be 100% fit physically and mentally to study well and earn good numbers in exams. I have seen many students performing badly because of their lack of productivity. This article is for those students who are one of them. If you completely read this article, your problems will be solved because you achieve endless benefits after being productive.

We will not give you exercise to stay productive in your studies, but we will list some powerful apps for your smartphone to stay productive in your studies. When you are productive, you can learn endless stuff that benefits you in your studies. We’ll also not list the apps filled with motivational quotes, but we will list the apps that will save you time, and you will continue to study without being discouraged.

So let’s start our article because we’ll review the apps individually, which will take time. So be ready because we’re about to reveal some interesting apps that can save time and boost your studies’ productivity.

5 Most Productive Apps For Students in 2022

So here is the list of the apps that help you stay productive and study for a long time without being disappointed. A student only gets disappointed when trying to figure out a particular sum, but he fails. But when you have these apps installed on your smartphone, you’ll never be stuck anywhere because these apps will remove the hurdles. So let us reveal the names, and we’ll start the review later.

  1. My Fitness Pal
  2. Coursera
  3. Zonka Feedback
  4. Oxford Dictionary
  5. Chegg
  6. Stepping Blocks

These are the 5 apps you need to install on your smartphone to get a maximum productivity score. I’ll clarify my point when I’ll review these apps individually. So let’s start reviewing these apps and start with the My Fitness Pal app.

My Fitness Pal

The first app on our list belongs to the fitness category. If your mind isn’t comfortable, you can’t study well because focusing on the objective is necessary. If you are learning something new and your mind isn’t relaxed, you can’t properly focus on that objective because of your weak body. And when there is no focus on any particular work, your entire time will be wasted. So to avoid this waste, you must install the My Fitness Pal app on your smartphone.

This app lists some powerful exercises that help in keeping your mind calm. It would be best to do those exercises to keep yourself healthy physically and mentally. When your mind and body are relaxed, you can study and learn new things with complete focus. This thing helps you achieve more scores in your exams. So the focus is the first thing that does not come to mind when you aren’t relaxed. This My Fitness Pal app will resolve this issue.


If you are thinking about learning new stuff, then Coursera is the best app for this work. I have seen many students hire teachers online to learn the stuff they miss from college or university. So if you are one of them, your problem will be resolved. You don’t need to hire any teacher online to learn the missing stuff. You only need to install this Coursera app to fill the gap. Hiring a teacher online isn’t recommended because you have to pay charges. You must never pay fees at 2 places because you already pay in college.

So Coursera is a powerful app that lists courses for students. Suppose you are a student doing Medical Studies in any college or university. In that case, you should consider installing Coursera because this app is filled with endless courses related to Medical Studies. This app isn’t limited to Medical Students, but you will find several other courses that can help you study well.

Coursera’s mobile interface is pretty and user-friendly. That’s the reason millions of students have installed this app on their smartphones. Every course contains video footage. So don’t think of reading more text because you have already gotten the text format from your college. So when you study through text and videos, your mind will be relaxed and learn more than you expect.

Zonka Feedback

Zonka Feedback is a reliable solution to capture student feedback that allows to measure student satisfaction. By gathering student feedback, you can assess the effectiveness of the teachers, lecture quality and more.
With Zonka Feedback student feedback software, you can collect feedback 24/7 through the year. Here’s what you get by using the tool:

  1. Track staff performances.
  2. Improve delight and satisfaction.
  3. Feedback notifications and alerts.
  4. Take student and teacher feedback on iPads, iPhones, Android tablets and phones.

Zonka Feedback is one of the best student feedback software available today for its ease of use yet robust functionality.

Oxford Dictionary

This dictionary is useful for students who get stuck when they don’t know the meaning of a particular word. Suppose I am studying anything related to Information Technology and I read an unknown word. Now, what will I do? Most students drop messages to their classmates to know the meaning, but Oxford Dictionaries can solve this problem. You’ll never have to wait for someone to show up because you will find the meaning in less than no time. Many students drop messages through WhatsApp Plus APK, but Oxford Dictionaries can resolve this issue. Here’s how:

Type that word in the Oxford Dictionary’s search box. This dictionary will find the best meaning and share the results. So in a couple of seconds, your question will be answered, and you will learn the entire thing transparently. This Oxford Dictionary app is also available for iOS. Students having iPhones or iPads can also install this app on their devices.


Chegg covers the area when you have questions unanswered. This is a powerful app for students whose questions aren’t answered outside the college. Suppose our teacher taught us some things related to Information Technology. When I study that myself, I’ll face other questions whose answer isn’t given before my class. So those users are served by this Chegg app because Chegg allows you to drop a question. When you drop a question in Chegg’s search bar, you get answers in a few minutes. So that’s how powerful this Chegg app is. All your unanswered questions are answered in a few minutes.

I’m a student too, and I used to do my assignment tasks, and I find Chegg a very supportive platform in that term because you can get the content of almost every topic. If you’re a medical student, you can still use this brand, but I like that Chegg provides the unlimited unlocking of problems. Still, the brand is not affordable for some users, but I’ve got a solution for them, they can easily get Chegg answers for free, and this service is 100% working.

Stepping Blocks

The last app on our list is for students who want to earn a job related to their degree. Suppose I am studying Information Technology at Atlanta’s Georgia State University. I’ll install this app to find the best jobs related to Information Technology. Every employer uses this app to list the jobs for their company. So I am a student looking for a part-time job, then Stepping Blocks is the best app for this work because it will list recommended jobs related to the Information Technology industry.


So these were the 5 Most Productive Apps For Students in 2022. You can save endless time through these apps if you know how to use them properly. If you have questions about these apps, drop a comment in our website’s comments section. We’re already here to answer the questions you drop in our website’s comments section.

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