5 Stylish Shirts Every Man Should Own

We all have that one closet full of shirts that we never end up wearing. It’s time to declutter your closet and get rid of all of those shirts that you never end up wearing. Every man is different and that means that every man should have his wardrobe. You should explore different styles and designs to help you find the perfect look. 

5 Styles Of Shirts Every Man Should Own

1. Classic Oxford 

The classic oxford shirt is a staple in the wardrobe of every man. It’s a must-have shirt that looks good in any circumstance. It is a great shirt to wear to work, on a night out with friends, or even on a formal occasion. The classic oxford shirt is more formal, and it can be worn with any color of pants. It is also a versatile shirt that can be worn in cold weather and warm weather, you can also try men’s co-ord sets for your go-to-go look.

2. Cuban Collar Shirt

The Cuban collar shirt is a fantastic shirt that can add to your style, or simply serve as a replacement for a plain white shirt or you can buy block printed shirts. The key to the Cuban collar shirt is to wear it with a jacket or a sweater. An open collar can be a bit messy, so if you are planning to wear it without a jacket or sweater, then you need to keep a clean-shaven face and a nice haircut. You can wear Cuban collar shirt to both casual and a formal events.

3. Heavyweight Flannel

A flannel shirt is a classic, versatile shirt that every man should own. What makes them so great? Flannel shirts are awesome. They’re soft, they’re warm and they’re great. They’re also a classic. With their roots in the lumberjack style of the 19th century, flannels are an American classic. They’re also great for just about any occasion. Whether you’re going out on a date, out to a job interview, or just lounging around the house, you can choose to wear a flannel shirt. It’s also a shirt that every guy should own. 

4. Band Collar Shirt

The band collar shirt is an understated alternative to the standard button-down shirt, but shouldn’t be confused with the polo shirt. It features a flat collar with a small band of fabric or three buttons at the neckline. A band collar shirt is a perfect option for every man. It is considered a dress shirt and is often worn with a tie. A band collar shirt is a great shirt for a first date, for any casual business setting, and for almost any casual occasion. A band collar shirt can be worn to the office, school, or for any casual occasion.

5. Linen Shirt

A linen shirt is a great addition to an everyday wardrobe. Linen shirts are great for all seasons, as they’re lightweight and breathable and can easily be dressed up or down. They’re less formal than a dress shirt but are great for casual gatherings, such as barbecues or family get-togethers. Linen shirts come in a variety of colors, but the most common are white, light blue, and cream.

Conclusion: If you need some new clothing, we hope this article was able to offer some suggestions for you. If you are in the market for a new shirt, make sure you keep the casual, dressy, modern, and stylish shirt styles in mind. In addition to being able to wear them for a variety of outfits and occasions, you can also pair your new shirt with a nice pair of Jeans or Chinos as well.

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