5 Sustainable Hotels & Chains for Business Travelers

Here we will go over five hotels and chains that offer sustainable accommodations to business travelers.

Corporate travel has become increasingly popular over the last decade, and so has the desperate need to slow climate change.

Unfortunately, frequent travel harms the environment, which may leave business owners feeling guilty and wondering what they can do to implement environmentally conscious decisions into their travels.

A great way to do your part in the “go green movement” while traveling is by choosing hotels committed to sustainability. Keep reading to find out which hotels are among the best regarding eco-friendly choices.

1) NH Hotels

NH Hotel Group has committed to offering “sustainable, consistent and efficient hotel services for its customers, shareholders, partners, employees, and society.”

NH Hotels create more sustainable accommodations by focusing on how they use water and energy and choosing eco-friendly suppliers.

Some economically responsible business decisions that NH Hotels make include:

  • Replacing existing equipment with energy-efficient alternatives.
  • Building energy management systems.
  • Eliminating fossil fuels and increasing renewable energy.
  • Installing water recovery and re-utilization systems.
  • Installing showers that reduce water usage by %40.
  • Working with primarily local suppliers.
  • Helping suppliers reduce their carbon footprint.

NH Hotel’s commitment to providing sustainable services is evident, and they are so motivated that they created a goal of reducing their carbon footprint by %20 before 2030.

2) Wyndham and Resorts

Wyndham Resorts has a mission that focuses on positive change, and sustainability is one of the brand’s main concerns.

Wyndham takes sustainability seriously which is why they have implemented the requirement that all locations obtain the Wyndham Green Certification by April 2023.

According to Wyndham’s CEO and President, “The Wyndham Green Certification is a five-level certification program that helps reduce a hotel’s environmental footprint, gives owners an easy way to improve energy efficiency, reduce emissions, conserve water, and reduce waste while also helping owners’ bottom lines”

In addition to doing their part in creating a healthier earth, Wyndham is also dedicated to fighting human trafficking, making these resorts an admirable accommodation choice.

3) Intercontinental Hotel Group

Intercontinental Hotel Group is another hotel that has made eco-friendly business practices a standard within its corporation.

IHG understands the importance of sustainability which is why they have designed the “IHG Green Engage System. This four-level system was developed to provide their hotels with the means to measure and manage their impact on the environment.

Additionally, this system includes 200 “green solutions” that were created to reduce water and energy waste which results in having a less harmful impact on our earth.

Level One- These hotels have completed the “ten best practice solutions” which include making changes like; ” tracking consumption data, setting up a property green team, and installing energy-efficient lighting in guest rooms.”

Level Two- These hotels have already begun to see the benefits of their level one certification and are going above that required to have a greater impact. These additional implementations may be choosing sustainable suppliers and training their employees on sustainability.

Level Three- These hotels have mastered the basic foundations of sustainability and are now going above and beyond by replacing appliances with energy-efficient alternatives.

Level Four- These hotels are the leaders in the company’s sustainability program and implement as many of the 200 “green solutions” as possible.

Each IHG location is required to achieve a level one certification, and those that reach level three or above can reduce energy usage by %25.

4) Element by Westin

Element by Westin takes great pride in its ability to offer travelers a sustainable accommodation option.

Like most hotels, Element facilities are located in suburban areas and near airports. However, unlike most hotels, Element has taken the initiative to create an eco-friendly environment from the ground up to achieve LEED certification.

Some of the noticeable green amenities and features used by Element are:

  • Electric vehicle charging stations
  • Recycling bins
  • Reusable glassware and utensils instead of plastic.
  • Magnetic “do not disturb” signs instead of non-reusable paper.
  • Rain harvesting for watering plants.
  • Air quality monitoring and regulation.
  • Large windows to limit the use of artificial lighting.
  • Refillable soap bottles.
  • Locally sourced produce.
  • Energy-efficient appliances in each room.

Although some Element locations may have implemented more sustainability changes than others, they are all “green certified”, and all continue to improve their impact on the environment.

5) Hilton Hotels and Resorts

This hotel brand has become famous for more than its beautiful vacation and business-oriented accommodations and its relation to the American media personality; Paris Hilton.

Hilton’s commitment to improving its environmental impact is the story that has been making headlines for years.

According to the Hilton website, the brand intends to ” pave the way to a net-zero future for their company, the global travel, and tourism industry through climate action and destination stewardship.”

Hilton has been dedicated to providing sustainable accommodations since 2009, when their award-winning “LightStay system” was introduced. This system measures, reports, and improves the environmental impact created by all of their hotels


Hilton is considered to be another franchise leader in fighting climate change. Each location follows the “Paris Agreement ” which “establishes science-based targets to reduce greenhouse gas emissions” through their “Watts, Water, and Waste Programs.”

This program reduces energy waste, protects water resources, and limits waste.


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