6 Ways To Help Your Child Learn Better

Research shows that constantly checking homework, going to school, and meeting with teachers won’t help your child be an excellent student. Does this mean that parents should relax? No, it doesn’t. Your child should definitely be helped, but not in the ways that society traditionally thinks are right.

For ten years, researchers from the University of Austin and Duke University studied 25,000 students and the degree of parental control over their learning and concluded that it has no correlation with exam results and other aspects of academic performance.  

Nevertheless, the researchers argue that parents remain a crucial element in a child’s education. It is they who must perform the most important task (and it is necessary to start from the youngest age) – to convey to the child the importance of education.

Supervising every homework assignment won’t help. Parents are simply responsible for creating an environment in which the child will be comfortable, pleasant, and fruitful to learn. So how can this be done? The scientists identify six key points. The experts of the legit essay writing service have prepared a brief overview of these points.

A positive attitude toward learning

Children do what we do, not what they are told to do. Show your child by example that learning is an interesting and educational process that should have no room for excitement and stress. Help your child in the learning process in informal ways – you can discuss the topics he is learning at school in a playful way or find informative books on the subject for him. Equally important is the ability to solve problems with optimism – “I can’t do it” is better replaced with “How can I do it?”

Good health

Weak and lethargic children are rarely successful academically. The brain and body are too interconnected. Provide your child with enough sleep, exercise, and a healthy diet and the positive effects won’t be long in coming. One simple example is that omega-3 fats found in salmon, walnuts, and kiwi have been scientifically proven to stimulate impulses in the brain, which helps process and remember information. Banning fast food and smartphones before bed certainly won’t make you popular with your child, but they’ll certainly thank you for it later.

Communication skills

At school, your child needs to be able to interact effectively with both classmates and teachers, work as a team and react appropriately if someone offends him. Show your child what communication skills are – a friendly and honest attitude toward others, good manners, the ability to consider other people’s feelings, and the ability to stand up for yourself when necessary.

Knowledge of how to socialize, having friends

A very important skill, completely underestimated by parents. Good social skills, even with a weak education, create a much greater guarantee of success in life than a cool education, but without them. The ability to build good relationships contributes to everything. And a child will enjoy going to school. To do this, you have to be in a relationship with others, be in a good relationship with your child and consider it a value – his communication with his friends.

Making wise choices

A young child should learn to set priorities, make decisions, and take responsibility for them from a very early age. How can this be accomplished? A younger child can be given the opportunity to choose, for example, what he will eat for breakfast or what to do in his spare time. An older child – for what subjects to emphasize, or choose additional sections. Allow him to see the consequences of his decisions, even if they will be negative – if you protect the child from any problems in his way, it is likely that he will grow up passive and unable to make decisions for himself.

Daily routines and order in the home

British scientists have proven that children who live in homes without an established routine and cleanliness have poor academic performance. Breakfast at a certain time, orderly rooms, time to relax and quiet in the evenings will all help children to be more organized in school as well.

Even if your child doesn’t keep up with schoolwork, let him go to bed. All the writing can be done by services that provide college essay paper for sale. You can pay to write my essay for me cheap and experienced experts will do it in the best way possible according to your requirements.

Education is an exciting journey in which your child will have the joy of victories and bitterness of defeats, smiles, and tears, interesting discoveries, and hard work on himself. And only his parents can be the most faithful companion along the way.

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