7 Unique Freestanding Tub Designs

Freestanding tubs, as the name implies, are bathtubs that stand on their own without being attached to a wall. With freestanding tubs, all sides of the tub are complete, making it a beautiful piece to place anywhere in your bathroom. 

Freestanding tubs have evolved and have continued to gain popularity because of the immense benefits they hold. Freestanding tubs are a great option when you want to make a statement in your bathroom. They provide the perfect look, whether you want a vintage feel or a contemporary look, or something that reflects classic elegance.

Freestanding tubs give a feeling of luxury and can really help you enjoy a bath. In this article, we will be looking at the benefits of freestanding tubs and the unique freestanding tub designs you can choose from. 

Why Freestanding Tubs Are a Great Option for You?

1. Diversity of Styles

One of the biggest benefits of freestanding tubs is that they come in an array of styles and designs. Compared to drop-in tubs, freestanding tubs feature a large variety of shapes and sizes. This way, they can fit in almost any type of bathroom. And they allow you the luxury of customizing your bath space according to your taste.

2. Ease of Placement 

Another amazing reason to opt for freestanding tubs is their flexibility of placement. A freestanding bathtub can be placed anywhere in your bathroom; this makes it easy to design your bathroom and accessorize as you wish. 

If you have enough space, you can place your tub in the middle of the bathroom to make it the focal point. You can also consider placing your freestanding tub next to the shower. 

3. Variety of Materials 

Freestanding tubs provide you the advantage of choosing from a variety of materials. If you’re looking for something lightweight and easy to install, acrylic freestanding tubs are a great option. 

Copper freestanding tubs are an excellent choice if you really want to make a statement with your tub. And resin tubs will provide that elegant contemporary look. 

4. Ease of installation

Freestanding bathtubs do not need a special recess created for them, and they do not need to be attached to walls. They are simply carried and placed on the desired spot in the bathroom. This makes them super easy to install. The key is to ensure that the plumbing is done right and aligns perfectly with the tub, and you are good to go. 

5. Luxurious Look and Feel 

Freestanding tubs provide that wow factor in your bathroom with their look of luxury. A freestanding tub comes with beauty and elegance. And can quickly upgrade an ordinary bathroom. Making it appear more expensive and luxurious than it actually is.

6. Ease of Maintenance 

Another great benefit of freestanding tubs is that they are super easy to clean and maintain. You can see all the sides of the tub; there are no corners or crevices for dirt and mold to get trapped in. You can also move around the tub easily and clean it without having to stretch or bend in awkward positions. 

Unique Freestanding Tub Designs

There are a variety of unique freestanding tub designs that come with different features. Depending on what you want, they can provide different looks and feels and give your bathroom a luxurious appearance. 

And so here are seven unique freestanding tub designs to complete your bathroom’s overall look.

1. Single Ended Freestanding Tub

The single-ended freestanding tub design is the most popular design found in traditional homes. The design features one sloped, rounded end, perfect for lounging in the bath. While the opposite end will usually be straight vertical and will carry the drain and faucet. 

The single-ended freestanding tub works best for a single person. They are great for bath showers and can be placed next to an existing shower. Shower curtains can be added to this setting to create a private enclosure in the corner of your bathroom. 

2. Single Slipper Freestanding Tub

The single slipper is similar to the single-ended freestanding tub in that it has one end designed for lounging and the opposite end meant for plumbing. However, the basic difference between them is that, in the single slipper tub, the end designed for lounging is elevated to form the shape of a slipper. 

For this reason, the single-slipper freestanding tub is more comfortable and is great for providing adequate back support. This way, you can take long showers without feeling any discomfort.  

3. Double Ended Freestanding Tub

In the double-ended freestanding tub, both ends of the tub are rounded. This way, you can lounge on either side of the tub. This makes it a great option when you need a  two-person freestanding tub. 

With its design, the drain and faucet of the double-ended freestanding tub are located in the center of the tub. The double-ended freestanding tubs are mostly symmetrical, so you can face either direction without worrying about losing your balance. They are also great for homes with young kids. 

4. Double Slipper Freestanding Tub

The double slipper tub is also similar to the double-ended tub in having both ends designed for lounging. However, both ends of the double slipper tub are raised to provide heightened back support so that you can recline comfortably on either side. 

The double slipper tub is also great for accommodating two bathers. And will be perfect for a couples’ suite, with the right length. The double-slipper tub also features a center drain and faucet. 

5. Clawfoot Freestanding Tub

As the name suggests, the clawfoot tub is a tub that features four feet for standing. Clawfoot tubs have been in use for centuries and still remain popular today. The clawfoot tubs were a mark of social standing and luxury. 

So if you’re looking to replace your old clawfoot tub and still retain that 19th-century touch of class, a clawfoot freestanding tub would be a perfect option. These freestanding tubs are typically deeper and larger than other designs. Allowing you the luxury of a deep soak. Clawfoot tubs are available in single/double ended and single/double slipper options. 

6. Pedestal Freestanding Tub

The pedestal freestanding tub, also known as the skirted tub, is another beautiful and elegant design. They are generally referred to as contemporary descendants of the classic clawfoot tub. 

However, instead of standing on four feet, the pedestal freestanding tub features a plinth or pedestal which is used to raise the bathtub from the floor. The more traditional pedestal tub design will usually feature an elegant rolled-up edge. Pedestal Freestanding tubs can also be found in single/double-ended and single/double slipper styles. 

7. Japanese Soaking Freestanding Tub

A Japanese soaking tub is a great option if you’re trying to fit a freestanding tub into a small space. They are typically small in length, which they make up for in height. Their depth can allow an average adult to be submerged in water up to their shoulder, which can provide a relaxing feel if you’re taking extended soaks. 

The design typically features an integrated seat. Larger sizes can incorporate an additional seat for two bathers. Japanese soaking tubs usually have their drain located in the center and the faucet mounted on the opposite end of the seat. 


Freestanding bathtub designs are so unique to allow you to choose what best suits your needs and preferences. With the single-ended and single-slipper tub, you can create that intimate, personal feel with ends designed for lounging. You can take a relaxing soak while sipping your favorite wine and reading or even listening to music. 

The double-ended and double-slipper tubs provide the opportunity to enjoy a comfortable and relaxing bath with a partner. The clawfoot and pedestal freestanding tubs allow you to opt for a modern feel. While still maintaining the elegance and class of the Victorian era. 

With the Japanese soaking tub, you can optimize a tight space while still getting the luxury of an extended soak. With these varied designs, you can decide on what matters most to you and create a luxury bathing experience every time.

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