Education received abroad was highly valued at all times. Today, anyone can get higher education in the USA or send their child to the best school in England. The most important thing is to decide on the purpose of training, and Stars Academy Lahore will help organize the trip!


Any student today has the opportunity to complete a full program of study and receive a secondary education abroad. After studying at a foreign school, students receive a certificate of secondary education, with which they can apply for admission to higher educational institutions in the country where the school was completed. It is also expedient from the point of view of getting used to the system of education in the country where it is planned to receive higher education.

In the process of learning, the guys study general education disciplines: mathematics, language, literature, geography, history, physics, chemistry, biology, art disciplines, etc. Subjects can be chosen depending on the direction of further education at the university.

In most cases, teaching is conducted in the language of the country in which the school is located. Over the years of receiving secondary education, schoolchildren not only have time to adapt to the country where they will receive further education. Schools have partnerships with many universities and will help. The future student with the choice of specialty, faculty, form of study, and paperwork for admission. As a rule, the final exams at the school are the entrance exams to the university.


To help foreign students easily enter foreign universities, preparatory courses abroad have been developed. During the preparation, applicants pass several basic disciplines: mathematics, biology, physics, etc., special attention is paid to the subjects of future specialization, those that future students will have to take at university entrance exams, as well as language training. 

During the preparatory course, students not only acquire useful knowledge. But also fully master in the country where they will receive higher education. And also have the opportunity to visit universities, get acquainted with the curriculum and choose the most suitable option. The duration of such courses is 1-2 years.


Today the basis of a successful international career in higher education abroad. Different paths are open for graduates – you can return to your homeland with a significant amount of knowledge or continue working abroad. Higher education programs abroad (Bachelor’s programs) are available in a wide variety of programs. Many leading universities offer preparatory courses, and European universities, with decent preparation, can also enter the budget department.


Postgraduate education is an academic course based on higher education. It is intended for those who already have a diploma from a Ukrainian university because the titles awarded in Ukraine are often not recognized abroad, and our graduates, candidates, and doctors are required to confirm their qualifications at the international level.

Postgraduate education programs (Postgraduate Degree, Graduate Certificate, Graduate Diploma or Masters programs, etc.) are available in several specialties. They are offered by educational institutions in Australia, Great Britain, Ireland, Germany, etc. Special courses for preparation for postgraduate education are presented in many leading schools in the world.

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