Andreessen Horowitz’s Sriram Krishnan on crypto social networking Andreessen Horowitz GP Sriram Krishnan believes the incentive structures of web3 makes the social networking

Andreessen Horowitz’s Sriram Krishnan on crypto social networking

pending a lot of time on, that you’re really interested in?’” Krishnan says. “I think the intersection of social media and web3 is really fascinating.”

Social networking

says. “In some of web3 social media you actually could have the spiritual equivalent of a place on the cap table.”
Beyond tokeholders in a platform or protocol to make decisions about how that project matures, something he notes as pretty foreign to existing ideas of how Big Tech companies interact with their most popular content creators.[With web3], you nowrnance of said platform too, which is really really interesting.

Web3 social is fairly theoretical at the moment, and while a few startups have tried to make a splash, the onboardintting wallets, buying tokens and joining a platform ar

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You can opt to get a bare-bones version where you supply your own switches and keycaps for $154 (or $164 if you want to get the optional volume knob), or a fully assembled version with keycaps and your choice of Gateron Pro Red, Blue or Brown switches for $

174 (or $184 with knob).For the extra $20, I think getting the assembled version is a no-brainer, given that the keycaps and switches will cost you significantly more and even if you want to replace them, you could always reuse them in another project (because wh

o only has one keyboard, right?). The double-shot PBT keycaps aren’t the greatest (and the OSA profile takes a bit of getting us

ed to), but they are perfectly serviceable and while some reviewers have reported issues with legends that weren’t printed very well, that was not an issue on the unit I received. Twisting the knob feels pretty satisfying, too.Keychro

n offers three color choices for

the Q3: black, silver grey and navy blue, which all come with matching keycaps if you opt for the fully assembled versio

n. I got the blue version and really enjoyed the look.My review unit came with Gateron Brown tactile switches, which I do not love. They are OK switches, but just not my style. I had a fresh set of Ak

ko CS Jelly Black linear switches, which are pretty much my go-to option for budget linears these days (or Gateron Yellows, whi

ch Keychron sadly doesn’t offer as an option for its Q series).The joy of custom mechanical keyboards is that you can adjust them to your own preferences. These days, with hotswap being the standard, you can easi

ly try different switches instead of just opting for the mediocre horror that is the Cherry Brown. But at the same time, the Keychrone Q2 won ov

er a lot of users because it was pretty much great out of the box. It was an easy board to recommend to first-timers. That

wasn’t the case with the original Q1 (Keychron has since launched a second version), and

In many ways, the Q3 is reminiscent of the Q1 in that it can be great, but you have to put 3 will be right up your alley, but out of the box, it suffers from quite a bit of case ping (th

r a keyboard, then the Q3 definitely isn’t for you. You could opt for the Q2, which is a great gateway drug into mechanical ke

yboards in the same price bracket, and if you want something fancier, your options are endless.Maybe it’s the large

r size or maybe the overall design ha

d already been dialed in before the Q2 launched, but the Q3 feels like a slight step back for Keychron. Now, as I said

, if you’re an enthusiast and looking

for a TKL, which isn’t a format that’s widely available, I think the Q3 is a good option. If you’re not locked into the T

KL layout, just get a Q2 or maybe

the NovelKeys NK87 (which starts at $135 for the polycarbonate case and $225 for the more comparable aluminum one).

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