Assistance and Maintenance services for your UPS

Assistance And Maintenance Services

Energy and Networks suggestions your Assistance and Maintenance services for your UPS and Air Conditioning equipment. ( APC distributor in Pakistan ).

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Our Maintenance Services endorsed by the manufacturer of your equipment and help you minimize unforeseen failures in your operation, through a Maintenance Plan, customized just to your needs.

  • Now you can avoid possible failures, while your teams gain operability and efficiency.
  • Avoid failures and control your Budget.

Do you really know how much each hour of downtime costs you due to the unforeseen failure of one of your equipment that protected a UPS. ( APC distributor in Pakistan ).

To personalized Assistance and Maintenance Policy, to fully adjust to your needs.

Two Maintenance Options

1.     Preventive Maintenance

Keep your equipment in optimal operation, through periodic review that guarantees total reliability.

2.     Corrective maintenance

Our certified staff corrects unforeseen failures of your equipment, expertly and as quickly as possible.

1.     Preventive Maintenance

1.- Monitoring Display Inspection

The alarms and parameters reviewed on the equipment display

2.- The Visual Review of Each, Of The Following Points:

  • Control Panel Signage
  • Capacitor Seal
  • Power Connections
  • Meter Accuracy
  • Fans and Alarms
  • Emergency Stop Operation
  • Record in Ambient Temperature
  • Event History Review
  • Alarm Presence Review

3.- Battery Maintenance

  • Surface and Connector Cleaning
  • Tightening torque applied to Inter-Cell Connectors
  • single voltage
  • Ocular inspection of Batteries
  • (leaks, bulges, corrosion, etc.)

4.- Rectifier Parameter Reading

  • Input voltage
  • Consumption
  • Output voltage
  • Output Current and Power Quality
  • Check adjustment of the Rectifier Current Limitation.

5.- Dynamic Tests to the Battery Bank (Discharge, Recharge, Response Time)

  • Maximum discharge current measurement
  • individual load test
  • Cell type and manufacturer
  • Output DC peak current measurement
  • Determination of time from recharge to full charge

6.- Inverter Parameter

  • Consumption Current
  • Input voltage
  • Check AC and DC Capacitor Alarms
  • Measurement of peak-peak values ​​of Square Waves

7.- System Operation

  • Reserve Line Input AC Voltage
  • Inverter Input AC and DC Voltage
  • The System Output
  • System Power Output
  • At System Output Current
  • Input Voltage to Rectifier
  • Rectifier Input Current

8.- Review of Detectors (for signaling)

  • Rectifier High Voltage Trip Setting Check
  • Determination of the sync angle
  • Module Fault Detector Operation Check
  • Inverter Undervoltage Trip Setting
  • Inverter Voltage Detector Operation Check
  • Bypass Voltage Detector Operation Check
  • System Output Voltage Detector Operation Check
  • Overcurrent Detector Operation Check

9. Set Operations

  • Review of acceptance ranges of voltage and frequency of the rectifier with respect to the ranges handled by normal and emergency feeders
  • Transfer and retransfer operations and tests
  • Harmonic distortion (THD). This studies from the both. At the input and at the output of the system. And reports delivery of the corresponding results.
  • Determination of power factor
  • Measurement of the resistance of the ground system from which the UPS is fed
  • Review and assessment of the infrastructure of electrical installations related to UPS’s and Aires

2.     Corrective maintenance

1.- Includes preventive maintenance points plus

2.- Correction of faults

  • Replacement of defective components with new and original components and others with equivalent characteristics.
  • Comprehensive testing to ensure proper operation
  • Minor corrections and repairs can make as required
  • Making a report of results with recommendations

Advantages for your Company

Avoid failures and prolong the useful life of the Backup System and Components. ( APC distributor in Pakistan ).

Reduces the risk of unscheduled stoppages.

Maximize production uptime and revenue.

Keep your system running at peak performance.

Improve the reliability and security of your operations.

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