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Advantage Of Modular UPS Systems

APC Easy UPS Online

APC Easy UPS Online

The acronym UPS, which stands for “Uninterruptible Power Supply,” has become a term that we have all heard at least once in our lives also these are APC Easy UPS Online. So, what exactly is UPS, or “Uninterruptible Power Supply”? What is its purpose? What is the most recent advancement in UPS technology?

Today, we manage a large amount of equipment that is subject to electrical energy. If these fail due to a cut in the electrical supply, our information or completely halted the activities. Thus, there is a great need for tools that prevent the loss of such information.

In the event of a blackout or an electrical failure, the potential damage to your electrical equipment can be significant. This results in a significant loss of information or money. Because losing your work tool also means losing your opportunities. A backup power supply (UPS) protects your equipment.

To prevent problems with the electrical supply from affecting the organization’s and equipment’s performance. There is a wide variety of uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) that generally have the following characteristics:

When there is a power outage and you have a CCTV system, the UPS allows the site to monitor while storing recordings.

Some UPSs support connecting external battery banks if the internal batteries run out, increasing the backup time required.

They shield connected equipment from power outages.

It provides energy when there are intermittent power outages, extending the useful life of the equipment.

Some models allow remote management of the UPS, allowing us to observe specific data about the equipment’s behavior.

They provide information security when working on computer equipment or servers because, in the event of a power outage, your equipment is not at risk of losing data.

It should remember that downtime in a business due to a lack of electricity is money lost. As a result, to address this issue, we handle UPS of the brand which provides total protection to your equipment.

Do not wait for a disaster to strike; instead, back up your equipment and select the best UPS for your needs.

UPSs An Alternative Electrical Energy

UPSs store the alternative electrical energy received from the power grid as direct electrical energy in the batteries to which they connect. In the event of a power outage. It provides you with continuous alternative electrical power by utilizing the direct energy stored in the batteries. UPSs do not only perform this function. UPSs also eliminate electrical problems caused by the power grid. Because UPS-connected devices use clean electricity, which they always supply.

Efficiency Of The UPS

The efficiency of the UPS is one of the most important factors to consider when purchasing one. What is important to understand about UPS efficiency is how much power consumes in the UPS. UPSs consume energy continuously during operation, and this energy dissipates into the environment as thermal energy. Buying an inefficient UPS will also increase the user’s cooling costs.

The most recent UPS technology available is the UPS technology known as ” 3-Level ” in English, and this technology is 3-level evolution. The efficiency of the UPS in this technology exceeds 95%.

In this section, you will understand these benefits much better if you examine UPSs series with power ranges of 100 – 400 kVA manufactured by – one of leading UPS manufacturers.

This founded by electronic engineers to provide a wide range of power protection products. And services in the industry. And information sector, and the company now produces the Series UPS new generation UPS. Produces power components such as static transfer switches, voltage and frequency converters, rectifiers, and inverters. And a variety of UPS products More than our employees and experienced engineers now manufacture all brand power electronic equipment.

Our greatest advantage is that it is always adaptable. In other words, in addition to its standard product line, the company’s experienced R&D team can design and manufacture products to meet the needs of its customers. Always manufactures products in accordance with international standards and norms, using innovative technology. As a result of this experience, has delivered over 150,000 power electronic equipment to customers in over 30 countries across four continents.

Designing UPS Systems

The designing UPS systems has moderated power surge from operating in parallel. Therefore, it is necessary to plan of time when purchasing a UPS system. However, conventional parallel UPS systems are currently insufficient to meet rising power demands. Paralleling UPSs causes financial, logistical, and technical issues as the demand for energy grows. The development of modular UPS systems has addressed These issues.

In general, modular UPS systems are those that makes up of UPS modules that work in tandem with one another. In most cases, the electrical load connected to the UPS distributes evenly among the UPS modules. The module’s power varies depending on the brand and model.

Advantage Of Modular UPS Systems

The only advantage of modular UPS systems is that they can operate in parallel. Its general benefits are as follows:

The ability to back up control and communication options makes possible by power modules that controlled independently of one another.

The table below contains a detailed examination modular UPS models.

UPS Modular Models

The following are some characteristics of UPS Modular Models:

1- Power Module Flexibility: Due to the flexibility of the power modules’ powers, the full UPS power required can achieve by using the optimal number of UPS modules, from the smallest to the largest.

2- Parallel Operation: When necessary, you can use UPS cabinets in parallel with each other, allowing for much higher power.

3- 10.4-Inch Touch Screen: Modular UPSs have the largest screen size on the market. The 10.4-inch color touch screen ensures maximum UPS efficiency.

10.4-inch Touch Screen Modular UPS

4- Low power density in cm2: With values of 441 (kW / m2) and 0.48 (kW / kg) modular’s UPS allows you to achieve the highest power in the smallest area. This allows you to reduce your overall purchase cost.

5- Battery Number Flexibility: Modular UPSs can operate with battery groups ranging from 32 to 44. This gives you more options when calculating battery life. It allows you to reduce the total cost of purchase as well as the amount of space required for batteries.

6- Hot-Swap: The modular UPS’s hot-swap function allows you to change the UPS module while it is running without having to turn off or bypass the UPS.

7- Smart Sleep – With their smart sleep feature, modular UPSs reduce operating costs by leaving enough power modules on during peak hours while putting other power modules to sleep.

Uninterruptible Power Systems (UPS) have used for over 30 years in a variety of industries. And installations do not disrupt your daily life from power outages. And provide you with the most up-to-date technologies. Our centers are open 7 days a week, and our solution partners provide support in all provinces. Read More.

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