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Apple unveils M2, taking the breakthrough performance and capabilities of M1 even further.

We couldn’t be more excited by how well the Mac transition to Apple Silicon is going.

It all started with the launch of M1, which brought a whole new level of performance, capabilities, and battery life to the Mac.

Apple has already transitioned nearly the entire Mac product line. Users have been blown away by the phenomenal capabilities of these new systems powered by the M1 family of chips. And the Mac business has never been stronger. So we’re excited to start the next generation of Apple Silicon for the Mac today.

apple m2 chip

Apple M2 Chip

Apple was introducing M2. It takes the breakthrough performance and capabilities of M1 even further.

Today Apple began their second generation of Apple Silicon designed specifically for the Mac. The M-Series chips deliver a scalable range of performance and capabilities. It started with M1’s breakthrough set of features that transformed our most popular systems. M2 starts the second generation of M-Series chips, and goes beyond the remarkable features of M1. Unlike others in the industry who significantly increase power to gain performance, our approach is different, And apple continues to focus on power-efficient performance—in other words, maximizing performance while minimizing power consumption. Combined with apple’s unified memory architecture and custom technologies, this focus on power efficiency allows M2 to bring even more performance and new capabilities to our most popular Macs. In addition, M2 is built using an enhanced and Get lowest budget Apple MacBook Pro M2 Price in Bangladesh.

M2 Chip second-generation five-nanometer technology

Apple builds second-generation five-nanometer technology, and features over 20 billion transistors: that’s 25% more than M1. We use those transistors to enhance every feature of the chip, starting with the memory controller, which delivers 100GB/s of unified memory bandwidth, which is 50% more than M1 for even greater performance. And because M1 is so capable, users run all sorts of demanding tasks.

So for M2, available up to 24GB of unified memory to handle even larger and more complex workloads. In addition, M2 features our next-generation CPU, with advancements in both the performance and efficiency cores. The performance cores are faster and feature a larger cache, and the efficiency cores have been significantly enhanced for even greater performance gains. Together, they rip through CPU-intensive tasks using very little power.

apple m2 chip cpu performance

CPU Performance

When looking at the multi-core CPU performance of M2 compared to M1, it delivers 18% greater performance. And compared to the latest 10-core PC laptop chip, the CPU in M2 delivers nearly two times faster performance at the same power level. And M2 delivers the peak performance of the PC chip while using a quarter of the power. Now let’s compare M2 to the latest 12-core PC laptop chip, which needs dramatically more power to deliver an increase in performance. So it’s in a thicker, hotter, more noisy system with less battery life. M2 delivers nearly 90% of the peak performance of the 12-core chip while using just a quarter of the power. This is what we mean by the power-efficient performance of Apple Silicon.

m2 chip gpu performance

GPU Performance

M2 also features Apple’s next-generation GPU, which now has up to 10 cores– that’s two more than M1. Combined with a larger cache and higher memory bandwidth, the 10-core GPU delivers a big boost in graphics performance. M2 delivers up to 25% higher graphics performance at the same power level as M1 and up to 35% higher performance at its max. And compared to the integrated graphics in the latest PC laptop chip, the GPU in M2 delivers 2.3 times faster performance at the same power level. And M2 delivers the peak performance of the PC chip using just one-fifth of the power.

Secure Enclave and Neural Engine

This much higher performance per watt from M2 enables systems to run cool and quiet with exceptional battery life and get lowest budget Apple laptop price in Bangladesh.

One advantage of making Apple’s own silicon is that we can quickly bring the newest custom technologies across apple SoCs. So M2 also features apple next-generation Secure Enclave and Neural Engine.

The Neural Engine in M2 can process up to 15.8 trillion operations per second. That’s over 40% more than M1.

Media Engine

Apple also has a next-generation media engine, including a higher-bandwidth video decoder that supports 8K H.264 and HEVC video. And M2 features our powerful ProRes video engine for hardware accelerated encode and decode.

So systems with M2 will be able to play back multiple streams of 4K and 8K video. So that’s M2. It starts our next generation of M-Series chips, with an 18% faster CPU, 35% faster GPU, 40% faster Neural Engine, and 50% more memory bandwidth.

It takes the amazing performance, capabilities, and efficiency of M1 even further.


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