Aquarius Attracting Attention in Scorpio Season

Give or take a day or two, Scorpio season runs from October 23 through November 22.  This month-long period contains dark memes and shadows that cry out for caution and concern. Halloween, the most ghoulish of holidays, stands right in the middle of the Scorpio season and represents the extreme intensity of this time. Nonetheless, opportunities abound for those who enjoy complexity and depth.

Honesty and Fairness

For the Aquarius sign, navigating Scorpio season can present challenges, which makes psychic readings for Aquarius nearly a necessity. If you fall under this sign, you know that even in the mildest seasons, your inquisitive nature and desire to take on conventional thinking can lead to complications.

To prevent yourself from going overboard and getting caught up in the moment, a psychic reading could enable you to have your fun without serious repercussions. A spiritual guide can point out the darkest of dangers while allowing you to attract attention in the best possible ways.

The essential nature of the Aquarius soul has much to praise, with honesty and fairness at the top of the list. Guided by the ruling planet of Uranus, you must watch out for moments of quick change which can disrupt your life in unpredictable ways. Not that surprises always come in bad forms, but retaining the power to exert a positive influence on events remains your strongest course.

One tool to control your destiny during the tumultuous Scorpio season comes in the form of pendulum psychic readings. By using the power of unseen energy, pendulum psychics seek to gain divine guidance from the spirit world. The forces of electromagnetism and other vibrations can impart answers to the psychic who interprets the movement of the pendulum. A pendulum reading can reveal many types of information:

  • Answers regarding life destiny or life path
  • Information on relationships
  • Answers to personal career goals
  • Information on the future
  • Information about lost loved ones

During the session, the psychic holds a chain attached to the pendulum and allows it to swing freely. As the pendulum moves back and forth or up and down in response to questions, the psychic interprets the motions and divines answers. Some psychics work with pendulum charts that provide more refined answers to specific questions.

Mindful Meditation for Aquarius

To learn more about your path, you have many options. Mindful meditation helps you center yourself and become more attuned to the subtle influences of the spirit world and the universe. You can work on this yourself or practice it before you enter into a reading with a psychic. Proper preparation before a reading allows you to make the most of your time.

For those who fall under the Leo zodiac sign, it helps to consult your horoscope on a daily basis. A personalized horoscope provides you with information on how to go about your day, alerting you to perils and to positive moments. For more detailed information, a reading with a psychic founded in astrological principles will provide further insights. The power of astrology can make a difference in your life.

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