Basics in school and guidelines for basic acquisition


The Takahashi Laboratory and Omura Laboratory of Tokyo Jakugi University, are hosting a seminar for teachers and educators on the Board of Education to learn about the importance of the basics and important acquisition of the capacity building in the era. Schools in 2022. Held online on February 20, 2014. Participation is free.

The symposium will be based on research results on digital teaching materials developed by Education Dojinsha in collaboration with the Jun Takahashi Laboratory at Gakuin University in Tokyo. Learn how each station is used to improve quality and the importance of learning the basics and basics in developing capabilities in the GIGA era.

On the day of the event, Jun Takahashi, Associate Professor of the Faculty of Education at Gakuin University, Tokyo, will give a lecture on “Using a Station per Person to Improve Learning Quality” and Associate Professor Rutaro Omura will address the same department, “The GIGA School.” Topic “Fundamentals of Competency Development”. Dojinshaw explained to Koi that “GIGA is a digital teaching material that supports the acquisition of the basics of the school-age.”

The webinar will be held on February 20 from 10 am to 11:30 pm on Zoom. The subscription is free. Applications will be accepted from the Seminar Application Form.

Teachers are concerned about information leakage from children

According to the “Awareness Survey on GIGA School Concept” published by JMC on January 27, 2022, only 46% of teachers and 26% of children/students use GIGA stations “every day” in their subject guides. This was madke clear by the discovery. Nearly 80% of teachers cited “information leakage by children/students” as a concern about information security incidents.

The School Concept Awareness Survey was conducte from August 10. So that November 30, 2021, in the form of an online survey targeting teachers. But Board of Education and public primary and secondary schools in the Kanagawa Prefecture. We receive 1,437 valid responses.

78% of teachers and 68% of children/students use GIGA stations “at least once a week” in their subject guidelines. The use of stations is believe to be in progress. But only 46% of teachers and 26% of students/students use stations. And every day in their subject instructions.

There is not enough time for training

The most common problem promoting the use of stations is “not enough time for training and self-improvement” at 46%, “it takes time to learn/I don’t know what to use” at 43%, and “I don’t know how to run. Difficult to operate “33%,” “lack of human support / a system like ICT support team” 30%. There is not enough time for training and self-improvement to improve the leadership of ICT facilities, and many teachers seem to have problems with operating and utility practices.

Regarding information security, 78% of respondents said: that information was leake by children/students. Then, the rate of “information leakage by teachers” was 58%, “unauthorized access from abroad at” 42%, and “virus infection” at 39%. She found that awareness of hidden threats at school was greater than threats from outside.

Learning outside school boundaries

Regarding lessons we would like to work on in the future. We have received several answers that explain our motivation for cooperative learning. And “online lessons” using GIGA stations. A keyword analysis is often find in free-form answers. Such as “learning outside school boundaries. And exhibitions and discussions such as exhibitions, partnerships, discussions. So collaborative opinion organization”, etc very intereste.

In the free description of lessons and usage patterns you would like to work on in the future, ‘presentation, document creation, use as collaborative work’, ‘shared online lessons with schools in remote areas and ‘ICT schematics’, discussion activities ‘Going Smoothly’ and ‘With the Experts’ Connect live online and ask kids questions and questions in real-time.

According to JMC, which conducted the survey, “Despite the huge. Because incentive for online lessons, many teachers are concerned. But about not knowing how to select and connect devices. There is a need to improve the environment for online lessons. And establish support systems such as selection. So introduction, practical training, and lesson support.

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