Benefits of Hiring a Graduate or Entry-Level Candidate

While no one doubts the enormous benefits of having an experienced and engaged candidate in a candidate-driven and competitive market, such candidates are fast becoming rare. Click here to see Recruitment Agency in Karachi.

With everyone fishing in the same pond, an already nominated short pond, it’s time to embrace a new way of thinking. Rather than competing with the skyrocketing salaries on offer, sinking into low ground, or cutting corners (yes!). Invest in your business by thinking ahead.

Invest in training and nurturing a candidate with the right attitude. Help them build their experience as they transform into roles, then watch them rise!

Graduate and entry-level roles may be more cost-effective

A graduate/entry-level role remuneration package can be much lower than an experienced professional in the same field (especially in the current market).

These types of roles are more cost-effective and a great alternative for SMEs with more financial constraints than some large, competing businesses.

A lower price range also offers businesses an opportunity to reinvest the margins saved. By further training or rewarding their teams, or even taking advantage of the opportunity to train/welcome multiple graduates at the same time.

Graduate and entry-level roles can inspire

As a general rule, individuals entering a role for the first time tend to be more willing, grateful, and enthusiastic. Often these roles are filled by someone who is excited about taking on their first “real” job or seizing the opportunity to pursue a career in a new field. This is a new and exciting experience and therefore candidates applying for these roles may be hungry to succeed and prove themselves.

A graduate or entry-level role can often inspire some healthy competition among the existing team and help rekindle the passion of those who have been in the job longer. These roles allow current employees to take leadership/mentoring positions and demonstrate their worth within the organization while conveying invaluable knowledge.

Graduate/entry-level roles can create coaching opportunities

Unlike some of the more experienced candidates, graduates and entry-level candidates don’t tend to land a job with all their answers pre-loaded. While this can be positive and negative, this lack of experience can create great coaching opportunities and open the door to specialized training that directly enhances the business. Most candidates applying for these roles are ready and want to learn.

As a bit of a blank slate, graduates and entry-level candidates are open to learning new information and do not come to the job tied to previous bad habits. They can be more coached as they are willing to ask questions to improve their skills. Offering gratitude rather than resisting new information (and those who accept it).

Candidates in these roles can bring fresh ideas and new perspectives that promote healthy development for both mentors and mentees. They offer the opportunity to progress across the organization and can inspire a new way of doing business.

Graduate and entry-level roles can attract motivated candidates determined to make a mark

There is a competitive market for everyone, including those new to the industry! Graduates and entry-level candidates know this as well as anyone. Therefore, once they step through the door, they will most likely continue to work hard to prove themselves and advance their careers.

As opportunities abound as a recent graduate or entry-level candidate, you can rest easy knowing that these roles tend to be filled by candidates specifically seeking this position/path. Experienced candidates can come with years of hands-on experience, while graduates and entry-level candidates can take a strong stand. An excitement and endurance.

Candidates in these roles are often fresh, with an outstanding work ethic and a passion that fuels genuine commitment. Ambitious and motivated, a graduate or entry-level role offers your business growth opportunities that you might not otherwise be able to access.

On top of all that, the recruiting fees attached to these roles are more affordable AND placements are often much quicker.


Graduates and entry-level candidates may not be able to compete with candidates based on years of experience when it comes to specialization, but they are more attuned to it in terms of enthusiasm, ethics, and attitude. As candidates become accustomed to their roles, the payback for the time they spend becomes evident.

If you think the alumni role might be the winning recruitment strategy your business is looking for, reach out to one of our expert recruitment consultants to learn even more. See also HR consultancy Abu Dhabi.

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