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Benefits of Motivational Speaking for Young Kids

Public speaking is more like an asset’ – Warren Buffet. It is one of the skills that can benefit anyone throughout his life. This skill is also considered a social activity that can reinforce the confidence of a person and promote personal growth. From this viewpoint, public speaking skill is pretty crucial for young minds. There are so many good motivational speakers like Deepanshu Kher whom kids can take inspiration from. If you still think that public speaking is not an asset but just a skill that does not affect life. then keep on reading this post to find out more about the same.

Why public speaking skills are important for kids?

Whether it is a discussion with family, friends, or teachers, a child must be able to express his thoughts clearly. Since not every child is confident enough to do so, many schools and educational institutions are now inviting people such as Deepanshu Kher motivational speaker so that they can motivate kids and tell them the importance of having strong public speaking skills.

According to the experts, public speaking can have the following benefits for young kids:

  • Development and evolvement

According to Gerald R. Ford – “If I went back to college again, I’d concentrate on two areas: learning to write and to speak before an audience. Nothing in life is more important than the ability to communicate effectively.” Since public speaking is connected with communication, one cannot convey their ideas and thoughts without it. In simple terms, when you are confident enough to convey your thoughts with effective communication, you will be able to translate whatever is in your mind. When it comes to young kids, are often considered incapable when they are not able to communicate well. Hence, they must get connected with people like Deepanshu Kher so that they can find help to face their public speaking fears.

  • Develop listening skills

What are the reasons to listen to others or something? It is because this skill provides us with something to understand, gain knowledge from, and respond to. However, there is a minor difference between listening and hearing. Listening is all about hearing familiar noises and knowing what they are all about. But hearing is a perceiving noise through the ear. Hearing is natural but listening happens by choice. Since public speaking includes listening to others to respond well, young kids can have a better viewpoint on something if they listen to something carefully. For developing this skill, schools and colleges can organize special events and invite popular personalities like Mr Kher, a motivational speaker.

  • Better pronunciation and vocabulary

No matter what industry a child wants to go in, having a strong vocabulary and correct pronunciations are a must. And this can be achieve when they have the right public speaking skills. A motivational speaking event can greatly help them get the same. When they communicate, interact, and cross-question with someone better than them, they will get to know about new words and the correct ways to pronounce the same.

  • Kids become more opinionated 

Public speaking is one of the main skills that can nurture young minds to form their opinions. Once they know how to do it, they will be able to differentiate between morals. When conscience started developing, they start evolving. Do you know why it is so important? It is highly require in decision-making. Since having opinions is a strong implication of the personage identity, it is important for schools and other educational institutions to pay attention to public speaking skills.

  • Planning and leadership qualities

Many people often ask – what is the role of public speaking in making kids better planners and organizers? Since preparing a motivational speaking or public speaking speech includes a long process. researching things to writing them down – it takes a lot of effort.

As a result they will learn to organize things and know how to practice presenting well in front of a large audience. Apart from this, they will also be able to gain many other qualities such as leadership, empathy, integrity, endurance, supportiveness, decision-making, responsibility, influence, problem-solving, etc. You can also give an example of Deepanshu Kher or simply invite him to interact with the students in your school so that they can learn more about these skills.

Final thoughts

  1. In addition to the points listed above this is a crucial skills for developing critical thinking gaining the power of persuasion.
  2. growing as a student, exploring better job opportunities, and building social connections. So, next time when you feel the importance of public speaking skills
  3. you must invite someone like Deepanshu a motivational speaker to interact with kids and help them develop the same.


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