Best Gifts for Home Improvers for Their Next Project

The idea of building homes with your bare hands intrigues several people. Well, it’s not exactly with the bare hands, but more of a DIY project with the right set of tools. These people are home improvers and have a knack for building things with little guidance. 

Home improvers believe in self-involvement. So whether they have invested in phase 2 of citi housing society Multan or another renowned housing scheme, nothing can stop them from becoming a part of the construction or better yet, renovation. 

We research tons of brands that home improvers can use for their DIY home projects. And nothing’s better than the gift of the perfect tools in a stylish leather bag. After all, every man should be the proud owner of a tool kit, right?

Take a look at the best gift home improvers will drool over. 

1- Toolkit with screwdriver and wrench set 

Any home improver will love to have Stanley’s 65-piece home owner’s tool kit! It includes hammers, measuring tape, pliers, box cutters, utility knives, hex wrenches, levels, and a lot more. 

The kit also consists of 10 non-slip screwdrivers with an adjustable wrench. For your daily routine as a home improver, this tool kit is pretty handy. All tools are set inside a custom-molded plastic case. 

2- Magnetic wristband 

How many times did the screws fall over or did you knock yourself on the casually abandoned screw when trying to hang something on the wall?

Instead juggling the bolts and screws with a drill in your other hand is dangerous. To avoid a messy scenario or any possible accident, home improvers can buy a magnetic wristband. The wristband consists of 10 magnets and holds the nuts securely. The wristband is made out of durable nylon and is breathable mesh. 

You can adjust the elastic strap according to your wrist, therefore it is available for all sizes! 

3-  Renovation spreadsheet organizer 

If you are a Friends fan, you already know about the organizational skills of Monica, right? What if you could do a lot better than her? The perfect gift to a home improver is to buy them a renovation spreadsheet. It’s pretty handy for an organized person (imagine if Monica had it!). 

It’s quite simple – a downloadable digital file that comes with sections to track the budget. You can calculate the estimated and actual costs that may incur. Also, you can color code the files according to the task priority. 

Instead of a manual planner, keep the access to the renovation files on the cloud! 

4- Portable leather tool bag 

A metal tool bag is yet another gift on our list. A nylon tool bag is great because it adds durability with more styling. 

A popular choice these days is Garret Wade’s leather bag. It’s functional and also fashionable. It is also available in multiple sizes so that you can dump random items into it in the hour of need or want to avoid serious clutter in your garage. 

You can give one in a black, tan, or deep red color whatever feels like a perfect choice. 

5- Cordless glue gun 

One of the most common items used in renovation projects is the glue gun. Many DIYers prefer to use a cordless glue gun. So why not give them one?

The latest cordless glue gun, Arrow, is chargeable and can be used for 30 minutes straight. It comes with a 10-minute automatic shut-off so that it doesn’t overheat with constant use. The top of the gun has indicators that show the battery and heat levels. 

6- Peel and stick wallpaper 

There comes a time when people are fed up with repainting the house interior. Now the home market has quite a number of wallpapering collection that is easy to apply. These wallpapers are renter-friendly and can be easily removed too. 

The floral and canary print wallpaper, for instance, needs just glue, and you are done with the pasting. The peel and stick type of wallpaper does not leave any residue behind either. It makes up for a perfect choice of gift for home improvers who love to work on a limited budget. 

Plan, and give the best surprise to your colleague, friend or someone from your family who loves to work on home renovation on their own.

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