Can Grey Hair Be Caused By Stress?

Can Grey Hair Be Caused By Stress? Stress can have a variety of non-bodily negative effects. The idea that acute stress can leave you with grey hair is popular crence. More until now, this link had not been scientifically proven.

Pigment Melanin

Short hair is determined by the cells called melanocytes, which produce the pigment melanin. New melanocytes are made up of melanocyte stem cells that live inside the hair follicle at the hair base. As we age, these stem cells gradually fire. Hair grows from hair follicles and melanocyte stem cells have less pigment and look grey.

The investigators decided to determine if the stress could also cause the cool grey. The study is funded in part by the National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases (NIAMS) of the NIH and other NIH components. As discovered, they will appear in Nature on January 22, 2020.

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Types Of Stress

A research team, led by Dr Ya-Chieh Hsu, from Harvard University, used the cameras to examine the stress or the life of the glasses. The camundongos expose to three types of stress. Mild short-term pain, psychological stress, and restriction of movement. All-cause a great part of melanocyte stem cells and grey hair.

Immunological Attack

After establishing a link between stress and ageing. Scientists will explore several potential causes. The first immunological attack was responsible for the depletion of stem cells from both melanocytes. More stressful are the camundongos with a weakened immune system.

The team studied the role of the corticosterone stress hormone. The modification of its levels affects the lifespan associated with stress.

The researchers finally turn around to the noradrenaline neurotransmitter. Along with corticosterone,  elevate by the stresses of the tramps. They discovered that norepinephrine, also known as noradrenaline, was the key to the stress-induced greying of two hairs. To inject norepinephrine into the skin of unstressed camundongos, researchers can induce the loss of melanocyte stem cells and grey hair.

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The adrenal glands mainly produce norepinephrine. No entanto, the camundongos sem adrenais glands still present stress-related gray hair.

Norepinephrine is also the main neurotransmitter of the sympathetic nervous system. It is responsible for the reaction “combat or force” in response to stress.

The team finally discovered that the signalling of the sympathetic nervous system plays an essential role in the injury caused by stress. Sympathetic nerves extend to each hair follicle and release norepinephrine in response to stress.

In addition to fluorescent tracers, the researchers observe the dark cells transform into melanocytes and the non-pileous follicle reservoir removed. Without remaining stem cells, new pigment cells cannot produce and any new hair turns grey and white.


Can Grey Hair Be Caused By Stress? The authors stress the need for further study of the interactions between the nervous system and stem cells in different tissues and organs. The knowledge acquired from the work will use in future research on the impact of stress on the body and the non-development of new interventions.

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