Cheapest Courier and Parcel Services to India

If you’re looking for a courier service, the most important thing is to make sure that you can trust them. Once you’ve found one that you’re happy with, go ahead and ship your items off. Another thing to keep in mind is how long it takes for them to reach their destination because, as you can imagine, delays mean a lot of issues. Once they arrive, it’s always worth asking the seller if they want a pickup. You’ll be surprised how many ask for this because they don’t want an item left outside. When it comes down to sending your things abroad, think about the best way of managing your parcel so that there are no delays on the way over too.

How much time does it need to deliver a parcel from Pakistan to India?

Although there is no perfect answer as it will vary from courier service to courier service, a rough guideline would be that packages between 2kg and 10kg can be delivered in 1-2 weeks. If the package weighs over 10kg, it might take up to 4 weeks or more. As for import duties, that varies depending on the value of the items being imported and whether they are duty-free. Any taxes or customs must be paid at the time of delivery by either you or your recipient, so don’t expect this one-off fee to come out of someone else’s pocket!

Cheapest courier delivery service to India

With all the different courier service providers out there, it can be difficult to know who will offer the cheapest courier to India service. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of everything you need to know when choosing a courier company, so you can send your courier or parcel anywhere in the world with ease.

  1. Not all couriers will ship internationally – finding one that will involve some research on your part.
  2. When it comes to international shipping, your shipping options are based on two factors: weight and size (called volume).
  3. Volumes for any particular package are measured by length, time width, time’s height in centimeters or liters for liquids, or other non-volume measurements. You’ll want to weigh both dimensions carefully before selecting a shipping company.

Send Parcel to India with UDS

How do I send a courier to India? This is a common question for businesses that are looking for an international courier service:

  1. You will need to find the address of your business’s destination. Once you have found the destination address, enter it into the site’s postal code box.
  2. Select the best service option (Standard Delivery or Express Delivery) and press the button labeled ‘Reveal quote.’ This step should reveal your shipping cost along with what items are included in this shipping price.
  3. The press continues or Order now at the bottom of the page and then proceed through checkout.

Furthermore, we have a network of local agents across India who allow us to send parcel to India through most parts of the country, even if there are difficulties getting past customs restrictions.

You are using DHL for your Indian couriers mean that all parcels will reach their destination quickly and safely, whatever the size or weight. Our team is available 24/7 to answer any questions you may have about sending a parcel to India, so get in touch today!

How long it takes to deliver your luggage to India?

Air cargo shipment times vary depending on several factors, including the weight of your bag, where you’re traveling from, whether you’re traveling with other bags or luggage, the particular service provider, international law requirements, and any possible documentation fees.

In terms of how long it takes to send a courier to India, there are two common options for sending items internationally. FedEx International Priority Service is one option that’s delivered within three business days or less. TNT Express Worldwide Services delivers in four-to-six business days or less.


Overwhelmed by the prospect of sending a courier to India? We can help. Put your mind at ease with our local ground send courier to India. At The Bureau of Customs and Central Excise (BCCE), we pride ourselves on being an experienced company that has been shipping parcels for over 20 years. Moreover, as a one-stop logistics company in India for imports and exports in every major city nationwide (Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai), The Bureau of Customs and Central Excise offers personal care and ensures that all customs procedures are completed so that each shipment is delivered promptly.

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