College Dorm Party Guide – Tips From a Recent Graduate

Having just graduated from college, I would be lying if I said I didn’t have a lot of good college memories. There are a lot of rules for a college dorm party but don’t worry, there is a way to party in your dorm.

Having fun while studying and getting an education is an important aspect of college. College can be stressful for many students, so having a good time and meeting new people is an excellent way to unwind.

Can College Students Have Dorm Parties?


College regulations can make it impossible to hold a dorm party, but they still happen. A cool resident assistant and inviting the neighbors will prevent the party from being shut down. It is recommended to limit the number of guests in dorm rooms when they are small.

Throughout this post, I will describe how to throw the perfect college dorm party.

How to Host the Perfect College Dorm Party

In order to make this easier and more understandable, I have broken down the 4 phases of planning a dorm party in college. Organizing a college dorm party involves many factors and considerations.

Parties can always be shut down and consequences will follow. There is no guarantee that the dorm party won’t get out of control even if these phases are followed, as there is no guarantee that it won’t get shut down.

Here is what you need to do to throw a college dorm party:

Step 1 – Decide how you will set up the party

1. Contact your resident assistant and ask for permission to host the party

You should always respect and keep cool with your RA if you live in a dorm. A RA who will turn a blind eye to a dorm party can be very useful when throwing a party.

Having a dorm party won’t be shut down if you tell your resident assistant. Throwing a dorm party shouldn’t be a problem if your RA trusts you and is cool with it.

It’s a lot better to have a small get together or not have a party at all if your RA forbids dorm parties or doesn’t want you to throw one.

Throwing a party in your dorm is the last thing you want!

2. Inform your neighbors of the event

If your neighbors don’t know about your dorm party in advance, you’ll have trouble keeping it going. Your neighbors won’t mind if it gets a little loud for just one night, especially if they’ve been informed in advance.

Feel free to invite your neighbors to the dorm party if you want to get to know them. A great time is always had with your neighbors.

Phase 2 – Dorm Party Preparation

After setting up the dorm room, it’s time to plan the dorm party.

3. Invite Friends


You’re going to want your friends to come to your dorm party. It’s important to invite some people who like to party to your party, because your friends will make it fun. Make sure you invite both guys and girls to your party.

Remember to keep the party under control when inviting friends. Your dorm room should only be shared with people who are respectful and won’t damage or break it.

4. Get Drinks

Drinks are a necessary part of any dorm party. Underage drinkers should avoid alcohol to avoid legal trouble. If you must drink alcohol, drink a mocktail.

You can have a great dorm party with some beer, seltzer and bottles if you’re allowed to drink. Drinking games can be played with beer and seltzer, while shots and mixing drinks can be done with bottles of alcohol.

Dorm parties generally involve guests bringing drinks.

5. Hide all Valuables and Anything that Can Break

It’s not uncommon for college students under the influence of alcohol to break things or even steal things. Don’t allow valuables to be visible at a dorm party in case things get out of hand.

Keep items you don’t want to be damaged in a safe place if they are fragile or you don’t want them damaged. If anything breaks, it will not only be annoying to fix, but it will also be time-consuming to clean up.

6. Have a Beer Pong Table

You must have a beer pong table at a dorm party. Beer pong is a great drinking game for parties, and everyone will have a good time playing it.

Set up is easy, and it’s even easier to play. Having beer pong at your dorm party is a must-have if you want a fun drinking game!

Phase 3 – Party Time

It’s time to talk about the party now that the setup is done.

7. Don’t Get too Loud

When hosting a party, be sure to control the noise level. It’s important to keep the party from becoming too loud even when your neighbors and RA are aware you are planning a party.

Playing music at your dorm party can cause greater noise because people will talk over it. Enjoy the party, but be careful not to make too much noise.

8. Be responsible when drinking.

Alcohol can be an enjoyable way to relieve stress, but it is important to drink responsibly. In order to avoid anything bad from happening, you should cut one of your guests off if they drink too much.

It’s easy to lose track of how many drinks you’ve had when you’ve been drinking for awhile. Make sure you are a responsible partygoer and don’t drink too much.

Getting sick and throwing up at your party is the last thing you want to happen.

9. Make sure that everything runs smoothly.

Students who get drunk can become loud, reckless, aggressive, and disorderly. Make sure your party is well-controlled and that nothing bad happens.

The party should not be an issue if your friends behave respectfully and it should be a lot of fun.

Be careful about inviting strangers. You’re more likely to have problems at a party with people you don’t know.

Phase 4 – The Aftermath of the Dorm Party

A few things need to be taken care of once the party is over.

10. Provide everyone with transportation to their homes.

It is important that your friends who do not live on campus and have consumed alcohol have a way to get home. Do not let them drive home and make sure everyone is safe.

The best way to prepare is to set up Ubers, taxis, and other lifts ahead of time.

11. Cleaning

It’s time to clean up!

There should be no mess to clean up if nobody vomited or anything broke.  The cans, cups and bottles of beer can be thrown out in the trash.

You won’t like the smell of rotting beer cans if you leave them in your dorm room. Make sure you get rid of them immediately. It’s likely that you have a few good friends who would be glad to help.

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