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Construction Companies in Lahore

Tax Advantages for Construction Companies

If there is a labor sector that needs a wide variety of products and services, this is construction. Safety materials, maintenance, storage, or cleaning items are just some essential things that should never be missing on a construction site. (Construction Companies in Lahore).

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In addition, these products to be of quality to guarantee the safety of the workers; therefore, the best option is to purchase products and services for construction companies at Modern Depot.

How do the Special Employment Centers improve the image of your company?

The image that workers, suppliers, consumers, and shareholders have of a company is very important. If customers have a good image of a business, they will be proud to work with them; as will the employees who will be glad to be associated with that project. (Construction Companies in Lahore).

Electrician Using Building Materials

By working with the special Employment Centers, it will help make workers feel proud and increase their feeling of belonging to the company, thus providing a more innovative and socially aware image.

What kind of construction products to buy at Modern Depot?

If there is something that characterizes the products and services for construction companies, it is that they are the most varied; For example, it is essential to have safety elements as well as maintenance materials, such as a ladder. (Construction Companies in Lahore).

At Modern Depot we have a wide variety of products for construction companies; With a catalog made up of more than 10,000 articles, you can choose the elements that best suit the needs of your company.

In addition, if there is something that characterizes us, it is our speed, which makes us deliver your products in 24/48 hours. For all these reasons, we are the global distributor for large companies that sell throughout the world.

Current Training and Specializing Their Employees

The trend of construction companies is specialization, to become more productive and competitive. Today, companies are investing heavily in training and specializing their employees because today and specifically, after the recent earthquake, construction in Chile has been experiencing significant growth, which makes the industry a profitable business. and highly competitive. (Construction Companies in Lahore).

Competition 30 Years Ago

If we look back, 30 years ago, at the time of submitting a tender for the award of an important project, the competition was quite narrow since there were few construction companies with the financial and professional backing that would allow them to award the project, so the competition was much lighter.

Companies Invest in Education and Training.

Currently, there are hundreds of construction companies fighting hand in hand to award a project and the big difference made by those companies that have expert professionals specialized in the field, which suggests that in the short term, companies will have to invest strongly in education and training. However, in the long term, it will be the same professionals who will have to pay for better specializations, be it a master’s degree, a doctorate, or others, since the market will already provide previously specialized professionals.

Construction Companies for Buying Products

Law 49/2002, of December 23, establishes a series of tax advantages for construction companies for purchasing their products and services at a Special Employment Center such as Modern Depot.

Possibility of reducing 35% of the total deductible base of Corporation Tax : it is established in article 20.1.

Possibility of reducing 25% of the total deductible base of the Personal Income Tax : established in article 20.1.

Business collaboration agreements considered deductible expenses from Corporation Tax, provided they are related to activities of general interest: stipulated in article 25.

In addition, companies have a bonus of 100% of the Social Security contributions; They also have a subsidy that covers up to 50% of the minimum interprofessional salary of each disabled worker.

On the other hand, there are other subsidies that vary depending on budget availability, such as the hiring of people under 30 with disabilities, among others.

As you have seen, there are many benefits of acquiring products and services for construction companies in Modern Sport. Do not wait any longer and acquire your perfect work materials now.

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