Definitive Guide To Pressure Washing Your Car

  • How do you safely incorporate the use of a pressure washer in your routine car wash
  • What soap for car washing and other accessories should you make use of with your pressure washer?
  • The most effective method to wash your wheels is by using pressure to get rid of brake dust and dirt

If you’re familiar with cleaning your car with soap and water, or a bucket along with a garden pipe the thought of using a pressure washer may be a bit daunting. But , using a pressure washer to wash your vehicle is actually easier than you imagine.

Pressure washers take the place of the garden hose, and can do the job more thoroughly of getting rid of dirt, stains and brake dust off the car’s surface. It’s not just that this vehicle washing process offer you a deeper cleaning, but it’s also more efficient and simple than hand-washing your car.

When you know the way pressure washers work and how they work, these powerful tools are much less intimidating and more useful. In this article we’ll explain all you need to know about pressure washers, such as the difference between electric and gas pressure washer, the type of soap for car washing is best for your vehicle and how to wash your vehicle’s wheels as well as painted surfaces!

Gas pressure washers

are far more efficient that an electric one with the highest pressures reaching 2500 psi. They also have an extended spray pattern which makes them ideal to tackle larger tasks such as power washing parking lots or concrete driveway.

However, if you’re planning to pressure wash your car using a gas-powered pressure washer, it is considered to be overkill. Instead, select an electric-powered washer that has lower maximum pressure as well as an extremely precise spray pattern to wash off dirt and soil. The paint finish on your car is not as durable as concrete driveways, therefore you shouldn’t exceed 1500 psi while pressure washing your car.


It’s also crucial to ensure you have the right nozzle size to use for pressure washing your car. Don’t employ a nozzle with a lower than 10-degree pattern of spraying on any part on your automobile, which includes your wheels.Recommended for this is a 4-degree pattern for your vehicle and auto glass and a 3-degree pattern for your fear and wheels. If the pressure washer doesn’t have these nozzle sizes make sure to check with the manufacturer to find out whether your model is compatible with the tips that are available from aftermarket.

Pressure Washing Your Car

Pressure washing your car similar to a normal car wash, however rather than using a hose the pressure washer is used to wash off soil and dirt. We’ll guide you through it and if you’re the first use of pressure washers do not worry, we’re here for you.

Start With Your Wheels

If you’re washing your vehicle, it’s ideal to start with your wheels. Wheels are usually ignored, yet they’re among of the most soiled areas in our automobiles. By cleaning your tires and wheels first, you’ll get rid of the dirt and brake dust that might be transferred to other parts of your car.

Make sure that you’ve connected the 10-degree nozzle on the electric pressure washer. After that, with your pressure washer about 6 inches away, you can spray down your tires, wheels and sides, by turning one wheel at moment, to clean off the dirt and loose particles as you can. Make sure you clean each part of your wheels, rotors , and calipers.

Spray a tire and wheel cleaner such as the Turtle Wax All Wheel and Tire Cleaner evenly across the entire surface of your tires and wheels and also the more intricate parts that are on your wheels. Utilize a soft microfiber towel or soft brush such as the soft wheel woolie to scrub and stir the wheel cleaner to get rid of the brake dust that you are able to. Make sure you reach within the spokes, and under the brake components.

Then, you can make use of the pressure washer wash away any dirt and excess product from your tires and wheels in each wheel at. Start by following the tire’s sidewall for the entire way and then moving the flow of water side-to-side. After that, wash your wheels’ surfaces along with the barrel as well as the rims. After you’ve cleaned every surface using your pressure washer, give your tires and wheels one final rinse. Finally, dry them with a hand-held new, clean towels.

Finalize the project with applying the Wet and Black Ultra Wet Tire Shine on your tires to bring back the jet-black appearance of your rubber sidewalls , and add a bit of shine.

Washing was the rest of your car

After cleaning your wheels, good framing was 1-degree nozzle then your 2-degree nozzle. Keep your washer for at minimum 6 inches from the paint and 12 inches of your trimming. Begin by doing an initial wash to get rid of any loose dirt or soils off the car’s surface. Apply the spray to your roof vehicle first, then proceed to the trunk, hood along with other vertical surfaces by shifting your nozzle from side to side. Follow this process to clean all the surfaces on your vertical side of the vehicle such as your windows, door panels, and rockers. Complete the process by spraying the rear and front bumpers of your car.

If you own a foam cannon we suggest you use this to put a thick layer of a highly foaming car wash, like the Cherry Snow Foam on the outside of your vehicle. The lubricating car wash is able to encapsulate grime and dirt to keep harmful contaminants from coming into contact with the paint finish particularly as you wash these hard-to-clean soils by using a pressure washer. Make use of a sponge or wash mitt to rub the foam into the exterior of your vehicle in order to break up any difficult stains.

After you’ve removed all dirt and stains off your surface, wash your vehicle using your pressure washer, beginning with the top of the car and moving down. Keep using the same sweeping motion until you do not see additional soap bubbles on the exterior of your car or the rinse water. Make sure you wash your headlights and grill thoroughly to take out any dirt or bugs that may have accumulated on them.

Then, give your car one final rinse using the garden hose to eliminate the water that has accumulated in the pressure washer. Then, wipe your car’s exterior using a new microfiber towel. Your vehicle will appear smooth and clean, making it simpler to determine what needs to be corrected needed paint adjustments before topping it with a fresh coat of wax.


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