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Treatments And Care Necessary to Have a Healthier Skin

In this blog we tell you about the treatments and care that you must consider to show off healthier skin. And prepared to face a new work cycle. And, because we offer best treatment and care for Dermatology clinic in Abu Dhabi.

The end of summer is approaching, and we notice the imperfections on our face. Because the sun and some unhealthy habits that we have adopted during this time of rest.

Many hours of exposure to the sun, lack of hydration, changes in temperature, chlorinated water in swimming pools. And salt on beaches, cause damage and changes in our skin that translate into dull, brittle, and dim skin.

How To Recover My Post-Summer Skin?

Before starting any treatment or application of a specific product, the recommendation is to recover and incorporate some habits. That habits will not only improve the appearance of the skin, but also our health. Such as healthy eating, practicing sports, sleeping between 6 to 8 hours and, of course, maintain a proper facial care routine.

Daily cleansing, moisturizing, nourishing, and protecting the skin will favor the hydro-lipid balance to maintain healthy skin. Likewise, to give our skin back the vitality and care it needs. It is necessary to use products rich in vitamins and minerals. As well as some specific aesthetic treatments that will undoubtedly be of great help.

Recover Your Post-Summer Skin with These Treatments

The sun and the conditions can cause sun spots, seasonal acne, fine lines, and dehydration. To combat them, we recommend the following products:

Vitamin C:

Acts on the skin as a powerful antioxidant. And capable of preventing and reversing the damage caused by atmospheric free radicals. Which cause the signs of aging? In addition, it lightens spots and attenuates expression lines. It recommends to use in serums during the day, after cleansing and facial tonic. Depending on your skin type, we recommend:

CE Ferulic:

Contains ingredients that combine vitamin C and ferulic acid. Recommended for dry, normal, and sensitive skin.

Phloretin CF:

Pure vitamin C (L-ascorbic), enriched with ferulic acid and phloretin. It has demonstrated effects on skin like blemishes, acne, and signs of aging. And its uses are on normal, oily and combination skin.

Silymarin CF:

Contains vitamin C and silymarin. Designed for oily skin prone to blemishes caused by environmental aggressors, minimizing pores and reducing excess oil for better skin texture.


Has antioxidant properties to visibly improve skin radiance and firmness.

Resveratrol BE is a night treatment with a maximized concentration of 1% pure and stable resveratrol, enhanced with 0.5% baicalin and 1% alpha-tocopherol (vitamin E). It stimulates the skin’s antioxidant defense system to promote its natural repair at night, improving luminosity, elasticity, and density.

Ferulic acid:

It has a high antioxidant and anti-inflammatory power. It protects from external aggressions such as pollution and UV rays. In addition to being regenerative, and promotes the synthesis of collagen and elastin. These are responsible for the strength, elasticity, and firmness of the skin.

Alpha hydroxy acids (AHA):

They provide numerous benefits for the skin. Among them are, their exfoliating effect, reducing expression lines and contributing to the absorption of other dermo-cosmetic products.

Retinoic acid and those derived from it, such as retinol:

Reduces the appearance of signs of aging, such as wrinkles or dark spots.

Cosmetic Treatments After the Summer

Smoothes, minimizes and prevents expression lines by temporarily blocking the muscles of the upper third of the face. And achieving a natural and almost immediate result.

We offer best results for Dermatology clinic in Abu Dhabi.

Peeling for a new skin:

This treatment helps to depigment the spots caused by the sun. And thus combat the signs of photoaging, achieving a new skin and reversing part of the damage caused.

Restylane Skin-booster from Galderma:

Returns hydration and elasticity to the face. Thanks to its compound of hyaluronic acid. And a vitamin complex, which gives luminosity and smoothness to the surface of the skin.

Facial mesotherapy:

Through microinjections of hyaluronic acid, vitamins, and amino acids. A more effective skin nutrition achieves on the face and neck.


Softens, minimizes, and prevents expression lines through the temporary blocking of the muscles of the upper third of the face. Thus, achieving a natural and almost immediate result.

In this blog we tell you about the treatments and care. That you must consider to restore the hydro-balance, minimize expression lines. And show off healthier skin that is prepared to face a new work cycle.

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