Digital Learning data of the 2030s

technical education

Digital Learning Theory in the 2030s. The concept and Practice of technical education has been in full swing. But to unravel Education whose concrete image is not yet clear Mr. Toyofuku. And the Hokkaido University Information Infrastructure Center was co-author. By Associate Professor Katsusuke Shigeta and Informatist Tomoaki Watanabe.

Amid the rapid development of the information society, Japan was hit by a long-term stagnation of the industrial economy and a decline in international status. There are serious issues that are symbolized by the decrease and delay in responding to informatization, and there is a growing view that it may be impossible to rebuild.

In addition, while the information environment for school technical education is being significantly renewed due to the realization of the GIGA school concept, smartphones and tablets are rapidly becoming widespread in children’s daily lives, and anxiety and concerns about dependence on online games are moral panics. It also invites the situation that causes.

The theme of Digital Learning Theory in the 2030s

After describing the editor’s interpretation of Education DX at the beginning, Part 1 clarifies trends in each field toward the structural transformation of education. The second part mainly introduces the efforts of each region in the realization of the GIGA school concept after 2019. Mr. Toyofuku wants you to enjoy “what you can see from a bird’s-eye view and cross-disciplinary perspective from the international university GLOCOM, which is based on the research of” information society and science “.

High school ICT introduction practice example

On February 10, 2022, Google for Education will hold an educational ICT seminar. So for high schools, “Environmental improvement. And practical examples for each person in Kagawa Prefecture,” on YouTube live. Participation is free and pre-registration is require.

Google regularly holds online seminars to share efforts toward the realization. Because the school concept for teachers at school sites nationwide and those in charge. So training and ICT maintenance at prefectural and municipal boards of education. It is being hold.

This seminar is based on the assumption that interest in the introduction of the ICT environment and the movement of terminal maintenance will increase in high school sites under the girls school concept, and the purpose of the Kagawa Prefectural Board of Education is to demonstrate each person in Kagawa Prefecture. In addition to explaining the research results, a teacher. Because at Kagawa Prefectural Miki High School, who introduce and promote. The use of Chromebooks in advance, introduced practical methods from the introduction. So that utilization of Chromebooks based on concrete cases including trips and notices.

About school terminal and school communication environment

In 2021, the maintenance of terminals for each person in the school. The concept was almost complete in elementary. And junior high schools nationwide. And even in high school, the current situation is that it is gradually progressing.

Amid concerns about the transmission of the new coronavirus to children. These days, distribute school attendance and online classes. So being implemente in various places. Online lessons and new types of lessons using terminals are being hold. On the other hand, there are many voices of trouble such as “It’s hard to do”. “The screen doesn’t appear”, “I can’t hear the sound”, and “I fell off in the middle”.

Reseed will conduct a questionnaire on school terminals and the “school network environment” for elementary school, junior high school, and high school teachers from January 21st to February 28th, 2022 at 6:00 pm. We will deliver the report at a later date.

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