Document Authentication Services – A Need of the Airlines in the Digital Age

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Document Authentication Services – A Need of the Airlines in the Digital Age

Meta Description: Document authentication services protect the airlines from an increasing number of fraudulent activities by authenticating a traveler before onboarding them.

The current corona pandemic has had an adverse impact on the travel sector. Airlines have to shut their operations and the travel sector suffered billions of dollars as a result. Despite this, the industry is still able to exist and is expected to recover in 2022 and beyond.

Fraud is increasing in the airlines, this is why they need document checks to stop criminal activities. However, it also fights for the ideal balance between onboarding trustworthy customers and stopping attacks occurring with forged documents. Physical procedures can make authentication difficult and time-consuming. It may cause customers to delay the onboarding process. Consumers benefit from document authentication services because they are simple, accurate, and timely in delivering outcomes.

Document Authentication Services – A Ray of Hope for Airlines 

Many airlines have made investments in digital document validation programs to closely monitor travelers who have gotten vaccinations. Governments all over the world have mandated vaccines for those who want to travel because the issue doesn’t appear to be abating. The capacity to stop the virus’s spread made this action urgently necessary. Governments are attempting to control the growing situation by allowing only immunized passengers to board a flight.

Having said that, let’s check the main areas that have been simplified as a result of online document authentication services.

  • Self Check-in

Airlines now provide travelers the ease and convenience of validating IDs during the self-check-in procedure. In this age of digitization where fraud is increasing rapidly, passengers need to go through the documents check. They verify any traveler instantly and remotely before onboarding them. As a result, travelers do not have to wait in long queues to get their work done.

  • Rapid Mobile Check-in

In the modern world, manual methods for the verification of documents are insufficient. Passengers are given the utmost level of convenience through the use of smartphone check-ins. End users do not have to fill out extensive forms in this. Rather, all they need to do is snap a picture of their legal identity certificate during the identity verification document process. After they capture their picture, Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software extracts information from it. Moreover, the airline may confirm that the customer is indeed who they say to be by comparing their ID details with a supporting selfie.

  • Safer Onboarding

The NFC chip used in contemporary passports contains the traveler’s personal information. The capability to detect identity documents with chips is provided by online strong authentication software. Passengers only need to swipe an NFC certificate to get verified before boarding an aircraft. Many airlines are now using the very same technology to scan vaccination passports. It only onboard genuine passengers board because it is extremely impossible to copy the NFC chip. Thus, it makes it really impossible for fraudsters to get in and exploit them for their nefarious purposes.

  1. Protection for Online Tickets

On the black market, stolen identity information is frequently traded so that fraudsters can use it for financial advantage. On occasion, hackers are able to retrieve this stolen data and buy plane tickets online. Scammers board flights after buying tickets using false identities, posing a variety of potential risks. A Digital document verification certificate can stop these types of online fraud. It gathers the ID cards of travelers and then cross-matches them with the info in the database in order to verify them.

  • Enhanced Customer Experiences

Establishing a balance between authentication, data security, and the user experience is crucial for preventing drop-off rates and ensuring customer purchases online. Solutions for online document verification are essential in this context. e-verify documents quickly extract information and then add it into digital form all within no time. Convenience is provided without the involvement of staff or manual processes, which in turn boosts client retention. Thus, the procedure is quick and easy whether the traveler signs up for a flying plan or buys a ticket online.

Final Thoughts

The travel sector is now back to business as usual with the advent of vaccine passports. Hackers are profiting from the fact that more travelers are willing to divulge details online. Digital document authentication services enable airlines to navigate the new digital world with the highest level of security. Travelers are securely and virtually vetted with online document validation. Document authentication services that use automation and Artificial Intelligence (AI) can tell the difference between fake and real papers. This lessens the possibility of fines and legal action while also assisting airlines in avoiding negative media coverage. Thus, it is no doubt a great security option for the travel sector to keep all kinds of fraudsters and criminals at a bay.

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