Educational informatization across the board

education for girls

The ministries and agencies should promote visualization of the security development status related to educational informatization and education for girls across the board, based on the “Guidelines for Educational Information Security Policy”. At the same time, for local governments, schools, households, etc.

For which sufficient measures have not been take, the government should take. So the initiative to take necessary measures such as budget measures and promote. The measures base on the visualize maintenance status. In addition, regarding measures such as filtering, there is a large disparity. Between local government security, so it is mentione that it should be corrected.

The ICT environment developed by the GIGA school

The eighth point is to promote the spread of the GIGA school based on the concept of education for girls environment. The study for the spread of digital textbooks will be conducte on the premise of the GIGA school concept environment, and when it is fully introduce, it will coexist with the ICT environment develop by the GIGA school concept.

In addition, considering the convenience of children and faculty members as much as possible, it is desirable to positively promote technical cooperation between platforms such as groupware that are use daily and SSO. Even if the textbook companies are adaptive are different, the utmost care should be take, such as effectively incorporating technologies that support smooth operation by students and faculty members.

The ninth point is to formulate a unified standard for data utilization through the use of digital textbooks. Digital textbooks may realize “individual optimal learning” by linking with educational data (learning history, etc.) of other digital teaching materials. To promote this cooperation.

Budgetary measures for that purpose

It is necessary to develop necessary standards such as standardization among textbook companies, budgetary measures for that purpose, and standardization of all data standards used by educational institutions. The study will be led by the national government and will involve each stakeholder.

The tenth point is to create an environment where children in need of support can learn using the same digital textbooks and teaching materials depending on the family environment and characteristics. As with schools, digital textbooks and teaching materials can use at home and facilities outside the school, and the government will bear the cost due to problems with the family environment, so build an environment for learning that no one will leave behind.

Learn from the case of GIGA 1st year at a public school

On March 25, 2022, Microsoft Japan will hold an online trial and learning seminar for “teachers who are worried about using the education system in school affairs and classes” to learn from pioneers. This time, we will introduce examples of ICT utilization in public schools. So includes failure stories, under the theme of “penetration of ICT utilization among faculty and staff.”

With the urgent need to use ICT at schools after the deployment of terminals for each person. Under the GIGA school concept, many voices of confusion. And worries have been raise at school sites. Microsoft Japan holds several trials and learning seminars. In teachers who are pioneering the use of ICT share case studies. So that they can solve the problems of on-site faculty and staff.

This time, which is the 6th time, Professor Kazutoshi Oguchi of Saitama City Yono Higashi. Junior High School will introduce actual examples of submission. And management of assignments using Teams and the construction. An absentee management system using Forms, as well as Machida Technical High School in Tokyo. Dr. Chiaki Koide will introduce points based on experience. Such as devising discussion methods in Teams chat and how to use free convenient tools.

Targets are elementary, junior high, and high school faculty and staff, ICT supporters, GIGA supporters, and other educational business personnel. Participation is free. Pre-registration is require and is accepte on the Microsoft Education website.

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