Eid Award 2022 and Results Announcement

IT education

The educational information site “Reseed” operated by Eid conducted a customer satisfaction survey on personal computers for parents of elementary and junior high school students, and announced the Eid Award 2022 “School PC” and results of IT education.

The survey will conduct from Wednesday, May 19, 2022, to Friday, January 28, 2022, using either a Windows or Chromebook laptop / 2in1 / tablet provided by the school under the GIGA School Concept for IT education. This was conducted on the Internet for parents who have children in “elementary school / junior high school”, and 1,331 valid responses were obtained.

The easy way to use the camera

In the questions, in addition to “overall satisfaction,” “durability,” “portability,” “easiness to see the screen,” “ease of use of the camera,” “voice quality,” “design,” and “ease of use of the keyboard” were discusse. It was evaluate on a 5-point scale.

Also, receive readers’ elementary and junior high school faculty and staff According to a questionnaire survey on GIGA school terminals and school communication environment conducte from January 21st (Friday) to February 28th (Monday), 2022, “Distribution of individual terminals to students has complete.

Education for teachers is necessary

However, there were comments such as “It is difficult to use it smoothly because it has not been distributing to faculty and staff”. “I want more ICT support staff,” and “Education for teachers is necessary for new education.”

Regarding the communication environment, while voices are saying “I am grateful for the support of the local governments and they are improving the communication quality steadily”, there are also many opinions requesting the strengthening of the line, and the result shows the difference between the local governments. It became. While the development of GIGA school terminals is progressing education for girls, various issues remain, and it is hoped that the ICT environment at school sites nationwide will be improved.

GIGA school concept and effectively

The “ICT Dream Contest”, which has been holding every year since 2011. Encourages the use of ICT in the GIGA school concept and effectively. So utilizes ICT nationwide by collecting and widely disclosing good practices of ICT use. The purpose is to be able to practice educational activities.

In FY2021, there were 319 applications from all over Japan during the period. From June 1st to September 20th, 2021, and after rigorous screening. A total of 32 prizes were decide, including 9 special awards. So 23 excellent awards. In the booklet “ICT Utilization Practical Casebook” announce. This time, the award winners newly transcribed the practical contents. The 32 award-winning cases, added abundant photographs, charts, etc, and summarized the guidance draft.

The ICT Dream Contest 2021 prizes are Tsukage City Teshiroki Junior High School. So the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology. Award (school), Tokyo Metropolitan Aomine Gakuen for the Minister of Education. Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology Award (region).

High School for Shimbun Award

Online Terakoya for the Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications Award, Hosen Gakuen Elementary School for the NHK Award, and Japanese Education. Higashiyamato Municipal Second Junior High School for Shimbun Award. Hirakata City Board of Education for Japan Education Informatization Promotion Association Award.

Miyazaki Prefectural Miyazaki Nishi High School for Miyajima Ryukou. Memorial Education Award, Hinokage Municipal Hinokage Elementary School. So for Regional Revitalization and Creation Award, 10 special prizes. Suginami Ward Amanuma Elementary School, Yamaguchi Prefectural. General Support School, Awaji City Tsunahigashi Elementary School, etc., 22 excellent prizes.


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