Energy of Color in Jewelry

Colors invade every aspect of a person’s life — from the clothes you wear to the items you surround yourself with at home. They offer a unique way for people to express themselves and even affect their moods. The body and the mind are both affected by the physical and emotional responses that colors might elicit. Researchers have discovered that when people are exposed to certain hues, they can experience a change in emotions and physiology. 

In addition to this, they can also hold great significance in the jewelry you wear each day. You’ll find that these colors can reflect certain emotions you want to project or what type of energy you want to embody throughout the day. Certain colors will have a specific meaning attributed to them and this applies to jewelry, as well. When buying new jewelry, there are various reasons why a person could choose one color over another, but one important consideration would be the message they were attempting to convey. To help you figure out what you’re looking for, here are a few colors, as well as their symbolisms.


The color red is often associated with more intense feelings like love and passion. Gems and other jewelry pieces in this color can make great statement pieces, especially if you’re going for a more sultry look. This color can also be connected to confidence, which is why it is often associated with significant personalities in high positions.


Similar to the color red, pink can also be linked to feelings of love. However, this color is more often connected to a more youthful and innocent display of love. This makes it ideal for romantic occasions like a date or as an anniversary gift.


Blue gemstones have historically been linked to royalty due to their rarity in natural stones. Figures of authority in older times have been known to frequently wear accessories in a dark blue hue to implement a sense of authority. This color can also be attributed to feelings of peace and loyalty, both of which are things a great leader can implement. Try pairing your outfits with some blue stones for a big presentation or a formal event.


Many people associate the color yellow with feelings of happiness and positive energy. Pieces in this bright and cheery color can make great accessories during the summer and joyful occasions spent with loved ones.


When you think of the color green, you may also be reminded of the earth’s natural beauty. This color often becomes linked to life, abundance, and vitality. In certain cultures, wearing green colors can help draw positive energy towards yourself, bringing along wealth and good health.


Purple is another color known to be linked to royal status. Many ancient rulers even forbade the use of this color by common folk, as it was only meant for royalty to wear. This makes it a great choice for those that want to exude a more elegant look.


The color brown is said to represent strength and reliability. It’s also often used to portray someone down-to-earth. This makes it a great option for a more toned-down look, especially if you prefer subtle accessories rather than vivid beads.

How can you style colored beads and gems?

Now that you have a better idea of what each color represents, you can now establish a clearer idea of what types of jewelry you want to wear. However, the question that now remains is how you can integrate these colorful pieces into your everyday wardrobe, especially if you want to work with multiple colors at a time. 

One great way to figure out which colors work well together and which ones will clash, try making use of a color wheel to check their compatibility. You can start simply by pairing analogous colors, or the colors that are placed close to each other on a color wheel. They will often have a similar hue, making it easier to match each other. For example, the Esmeralda bracelet’s stunning emerald hue would pair perfectly with these black opal earrings thanks to the deep green hues splattered across the different beads. You can also try pairing your jewelry with shirts or bottoms in a similar shade to create a cohesive look.

In contrast, you can also go for complementary colors, which are the shades placed opposite each other on the wheel. Although these colors are quite different from each other, their contrast adds a nice bold touch that can elevate any look. You can choose to wear different pieces of jewelry in complementary colors or opt to go for one statement piece to contrast the rest of your outfit. Try wearing a lavender-tinted necklace, for example, to go with your otherwise orange or brown-toned outfits.

To wrap it up

Colors offer a fun way for people to express how they feel or emulate something they want to embody. In addition to this, different hues can also help others learn a little more about you and your personality, especially if you enjoy wearing brightly colored pieces often. Whether you want to portray yourself as someone confident and passionate or if you want to gift someone with an accessory that you believe best embodies their positive disposition, jewelry can be a great method of expressing these symbolisms and emotions.

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