Have you ever noticed how good you feel after a swimming session with Lifeguard Training? The relaxed body, the good fatigue and the key to a restful sleep… It’s because swimming is one of the best sports to fight against stress and anxiety!

When the mind seems to be overwhelmed by the overflow of stimulations and solicitations of all kinds and can no longer manage to self-regulate, that is to say, to calm itself down by its own means, it needs its faithful companion: the body. If, assailed by cares and troubles, we can no longer calm the rumbling mental storm, it is advisable to seek help in physical effort, and therefore, why not turn to swimming!

Let’s discover together how swimming can become your best ally in the fight against stress and anxiety.


Stress, anxiety, the two are linked but are not yet similar ! To better understand, let’s take a look at definitions.

Anxiety is the fear of danger (often imaginary). It is a state of confusion and fear, often accompanied by physical symptoms such as palpitations, tremors, or twitches in the body.

Stress is a reaction of our body, faced with a shock, pressure, constraint or even a feeling of being overwhelmed . If we look at the physical symptoms, we can see digestive disorders, sleep disorders or appetite disorders as well as migraines or even fatigue. We observe3 phases in a stress reaction: alarm, resistance, then exhaustion .

Note that if we are basic anxious, stress will increase our anxiety . We are therefore far from a virtuous circle! This is why stress and anxiety are closely linked and often go hand in hand.

To fight stress and anxiety, action is your ally! The goal is to get you back in control of your thoughts, feelings, and body .


Good for your body but also for your morale , sport can become a real ally in everyday life, to calm your moments of stress and soothe your periods of anxiety. I’ll explain why:

– When you practice a sports activity, your brain will release endorphins : the famous hormones of happiness ! It is a kind of natural morphine plunging you into a state of overall well-being.

– Another mechanism of your body that engages when you play sports: your brain releases dopamine , a neurotransmitter that acts on the reward mechanism.

– Sport is a real stress reliever ! It allows torelease and discharge accumulated negative energies . After a sports session, you feel a certain state of euphoria and fullness , but also a good fatigue .

– Practicing a sporting activity is an excellent way to change your mind and focus on something other (your movements, your performances, your teammates…) than your daily ideas and thoughts.

– In case of depression, sport is strongly recommended because it contributes to mental health .


That ‘s a big yes ! Swimming is considered the physical (non-traumatic) and psychological anti-stress sport par excellence . On a mental level and according to studies, 92% of swimmers surveyed say that swimming is a cure for stress. It is also one of the sports most recommended by health professionals, for those who suffer from stress and anxiety . Let’s find out why!

The benefits of swimming on managing stress and anxiety

– In swimming, we immerse ourselves (literally and figuratively) in an environment completely different from that of our daily lives: the aquatic environment . The feeling of well-being that envelops us is largely generated by the soothing virtues of the aquatic element. Indeed, one evolves as in weightlessness , the sensation of floating , of lightness and the awareness of the body in the aquatic space , caused by the water, make it possible to eliminate physical tensions, contractions and pains , in favor of relaxation. physical and psychological. Water brings a sense of comfortand unconsciously recalls the intra-uterine, maternal and reassuring environment.

– Another advantage of the aquatic element: its draining effect ! As soon as you evolve in an aquatic environment. The water will act as a massage on all areas of your body. In addition to being excellent for your skin. This action will have a soothing effect and give you a gentle feeling of well-being. Swimming, by its repetitive nature. Allows you to let go and put the brain on “pause” . As soon as you enter the pool, you leave your worries and concerns in the locker room and take the opportunity to disconnect

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– Finally, swimming is a complete sport that uses all the muscles of our body . Even if we are not always aware of all the muscles that are involved in our movements, the efforts are there! And who says effort, says fatigue, but we are talking here about a healthy fatigue that promotes deep and restorative sleep .

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