Finance 101: Debunking Taxation Myths

Taxes are the monetary contributions imposed by the government to its citizens and residents. Many people consider this a complicated task because of the various rates and rules in every state. Thus, there is a lot of incorrect information regarding filing taxes, and you risk getting into trouble if you heedlessly follow someone else’s terrible tax advice. People often resort to the best online tax service or get assistance from accountants. Don’t worry because we will provide you with tax experts’ inputs to help file the correct taxes. They have the knowledge to make sure you get the money the government owes you and stay out of trouble for underreporting.

  • Non-payment of taxes due to lack of benefits received

The government provides services for every resident or citizen in one way or another. These advantages can manifest themselves in the form of free everyday use of public infrastructure, access to public health or education services, security for the state’s residents and citizens, or even simply the comfort of residing in a peaceful society managed by the government.

Even though most public services aren’t used directly, every citizen knows they exist. It is evident in taxation that everyone will gain from these advantages. Therefore, claiming they received no benefit from paying taxes is not a valid defense. Accepting direct government assistance or utilizing government services does not affect taxation.

  • Any mistakes are on my accountant.

Whether or not you work with an accountant, any errors are ultimately your responsibility. It’s usually preferable to take some time and double-verify your return before it’s filed rather than assume your accountant has everything covered. Your accountant will frequently guide you through the process if you are audited. Still, ultimately, the tax authority is only concerned with you.

  • No taxes on online income

This myth is simply untrue. Online income is still regarded as income; therefore, the government can impose a contribution from this platform. The tax authorities view money generated online in the same way as income generated offline. For example, regardless of the channel, you must report any income you receive from selling a good or service that exceeds $400 on your tax returns in the USA.

  • No taxes for illegal activity

Contrary to popular belief, breaking one law has no bearing on your ability to break others. Illegally earned revenue is nevertheless subject to taxation. The tax authority is unconcerned if you are trafficking drugs, robbing banks, or deceiving investors of millions of dollars from a tax compliance standpoint. The government is still entitled to a piece of the pie as long as you’re making money. Remember that tax fraud might come back to haunt you no matter how well you try to hide your tracks when engaging in unlawful activity.

  • Paper tax returns are the most secure

Filing your tax returns online is a very safe way to do it. There is a tiny chance that your tax information could be stolen if you file online. Mailing a tax return is less secure than filing online because the information in an online tax return is encrypted for extra security. Encryption makes it impossible for anyone to see your data as it travels from your tax software to the tax authorities or tax agency. Still, you should be careful. Scammers may use phishing to try to get your information and may also try to file fake tax returns. Even though it is unlikely, there is also a chance of a data breach at a business that helps people do their taxes.


Misinformation is prevalent in every aspect of society, and taxation is not alien to it, even though everyone does their taxes. Studies show that numerous taxpayers have significant misconceptions about taxes, which results in biased decision-making. Incorrect use of tax information in decision-making and a lack of tax expertise are the two leading causes of tax misconception. However, everyone must combat this problem to ensure fairness for the taxpayer and the government by researching or asking for professional help.


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