Finding the Right Blush Tint is now Easier than Ever

You might overlook blush among all the wonderful beauty products available: rookie error. A few swipes of blush may suddenly brighten your skin and make it appear younger. It gives you a glow that no bronzer or highlighter can offer. However, it is one of the most difficult skincare items to use. It isn’t as easy as spinning your cheeks. 

If your blush isn’t lasting on, you’re scared you’re using the wrong colour shade or formula, or maybe you just don’t know where to start, we’re here to assist. Whether your skin is naturally greasy, dry, or just plain sweaty, you can achieve a beautiful, long-lasting glow. These clever blush hacks adapt this surprisingly adaptable product to your face shape, complexion, and lifestyle. 

Prepare your skin correctly first

To ensure that your blush tint blends in and stays put all day, cleanse and moisturize your face beforehand. Makeup blends in better and lasts longer on dry (or oily) skin since it doesn’t hold makeup as well as healthy, exfoliated, clear, and supple skin. 

Start with a cosmetic primer to prepare your skin and create a non-slip canvas for your blush. To even down your skin tone and give the blush something to stick to if you don’t want to use another makeup product, apply blush over foundation or a blush tinted moisturizer. 

Pick a color that complements your skin tone

Blush doesn’t fall under a one-size-fits-all product; you need to find the correct color to complement your skin tone. Instead of providing you that warm, young glow, something too dark or too brilliant can age you. The idea is to pick something that comes near to your natural flush, which you may determine by pinching your cheeks. If you’re still undecided, follow these guidelines to determine your ideal shade: 

Soft pinks will give you a lovely flush of color without overpowering your complexion if you have very pale, fair skin. Pale pink and lilac formulas add a subtle splash of color to your fair skin without becoming overbearing. If you have light-medium skin, consider a peachy pink blush tint to give it a wonderful glow. If you’re unsure, give Beetroot Tint a shot in your favorite formula because this shade is universally attractive.  

Warm undertones in golden or olive complexion tones can stand up to darker colours. For these medium skin tones, Mahogany Maron is a wonderful choice. Darker complexion tones might choose brighter shades with warm undertones, such as a beautiful apricot, for a truly dazzling sheen. Deep Mocha is a gorgeous colour that looks completely natural on the skin.

Choose the right blush formula for your skin tone

When it comes to picking the proper blush tint, you need to choose the right formula as well as the right color. Blushes come in three different types: powders, creams, and stains. 

If you have an oily skin, a cheek stain is an excellent choice. Stains appear dewy and can last a long time, even if you sweat a lot or have oily skin. Use a small amount at a time since it is tough to blend out when it’s on your skin (thus the name!). 

Creamy formulas are excellent for all skin types and have a long lasting effect. Cream blush is easy to apply, comes in a range of colors, and adds a young glow to the face. 

If you have a dry skin, stick to a powder composition. Powder blush is great for blurring pores, while stains and creams, contrary to popular belief, aren’t good for dry skin because they can break when they dry, worsening the look of dryness. 

True, the tools you use to apply your makeup have an effect on how well it looks, but if you’re going to invest in any tool, make it a blush brush! Hair that can be diffused easily should be silky, dense, natural, or vegan. A densely packed brush may pick up much too much product and oversaturate your face, whereas a loose brush picks up less product while still giving a lovely colour finish. 

Use blush to bring out the best features of your face

Blush tint is meant to draw attention to your features, therefore take into account your bone structure before applying it. 

A long face with high cheekbones and a thin chin characterizes a heart-shaped face. Apply blush in a “C” shape from the top of the hairline to the cheekbone. More product should be applied along the cheekbone, then extended up to the temple, pressing it in and upwards. Because it’s on more than just the cheeks, you want a balanced impression, so don’t overdo the blush. 

Oblong faces have a forehead, cheeks, and jawline that are all approximately the same breadth. Starting at the most conspicuous portion of the cheek, apply blush to the apple of the cheek, mixing color towards the nose and out towards the temple. To finish the look, apply a dab of blush to the hairline and the sides of the brows. 

Straight sides and a somewhat flat jawline identify a square face (imagine Olivia Wilde or Angelina Jolie). You want to emphasize all of the cheeks on a square face, from the corner of the brow to the crest. Starting low and working your way up, sweep blush across the cheekbone in long, soft strokes. With your fingertips, blend the blush tint from the brow to the nose. 

To finish your look, spritz it with a setting spray.  

After you’ve finished applying your makeup, sprinkle a setting spray all over your face to seal it in without scorching your skin or adding another layer of color. Spray in X- and T-motions all over your face to coat all sides and keep your makeup in place all day (or night).  

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