Five Video Production Trends For 2023

One of the most critical aspects of marketing is to stay relevant. Video Production is one of the topmost marketing and branding strategies and is said to increase the reach of a business like nothing else. Now, the key to tackling competition in the market is to produce videos in such a way that you are always relevant and updated with the trends. The year 2022 is almost over. With the new year coming up, what a video production company in India needs to do is come up with new tactics and strategies to promote a brand and gain new customers. In this article, we are going to talk about five video production trends for the year 2023 and discuss their speciality.

Social Media Stories

With people’s lives getting busier and busier with each day the duration of content that they are willing to watch has been decreasing. This is the reason why short videos of 60-30 seconds have been on the rise lately. Similar to Instagram and Facebook, now even YouTube introduced a special short videos section called “Shorts”. One of the most successful trends for 2023 could be producing videos that are short and quick to watch. Videos should be produced keeping in mind that they’re gonna be posted as a story on Instagram, Facebook, etc. or a YouTube Short video.

Instagram Reels

It’s not been very long since Instagram introduced its new section called “reels” and the year 2023 could just be the perfect time to take advantage of this new feature and create reels that help you promote your brand and reach more and more people. There are new features being added to reels every month which makes sure that your video reaches as many people as possible. Since the number one priority of a business is to reach more potential customers and convince them to buy the company’s products or services, Instagram Reels is going to be very beneficial for your business and the most interactive way to reach an audience.

360-degree Videos

Have you ever watched a 360-degree video on YouTube? That experience is like nothing else in the world right? It feels like you are present right there inside the video. An experience like that definitely makes a stronger impact than that of a regular video. Imagine producing a video for your brand in 36o-degree that is going to impress the viewers so greatly that they are bound to fall in love with your brand and choose to buy the products and services you have got to offer.

Collaborative Videos

Another amazing trick to growing as a business is to create videos collaborating with other companies. Collaborating with a brand that is already popular among people exposes you and provides you with a greater audience to tell them about your business and convince them to purchase your products and services.


Vlogs are the most credible style of video production since people watch vlogs on a daily basis and are bound to come across the brand name repeatedly if vlogs are being used to promote a brand. Vlogging is something that has gotten very famous recently, and more and more people are joining the vlogging community as each day passes by. Hence, another trend for 2023 could be creating vlogs for a brand.

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