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MBBS Admission in China

The number of international students studying MBBS in China is increasing worldwide. This is simply because Chinese government universities are well recognized worldwide and it is more advantageous to obtain a degree from an internationally recognized Chinese university. Medical students, mainly from South Asian countries, always study in a comfortable environment with socially appropriate facilities, in accordance with Chinese traditions. MBBS Admission in China is advantageous for international students, as many universities have low tuition fees and scholarships are available even for the best students.

There are open admissions for MBBS studies in China in 2022-2023, apply now.

Accredited by WHO/MOE/PMC and recognized as an admissions office for Chinese universities and medical schools.

From Fall 2022 to March 2022, there will be open admissions for MBBS in China. WHO/MOE/PMC accredited, approved admission opportunity for public universities and medical schools in China, apply now. The minimum grade (F.S. Premedical) for admission to English-speaking universities is 70%, while the minimum grade for admission to MBBS in China for bilingual candidates is 60%.

MBBS in Chinese Universities Applicate for admission

Spring / March 2022 – Fall / September 2022

Ministry of Education, China – PMC List – Universities.

Guangzhou Medical University Sichuan University Kunming Medical University Scan and apply online for MBBS in China

List of MBBS in China, Ministry of Education, English-speaking Universities

MBBS in China, PMC A-list Universities

Cheap MBBS in China – Spring, March 2022 – Fall, September 2022 Admission

Opportunities for Pakistani students to study MBBS in China in 2022

MBBS in China.

MBBS in China for Pakistani students.

This is very important information for prospective medical students and those who will pursue MBBS in China.

On the other hand, not all universities are the best for Pakistani students, some are the best for different reasons.

In China, the Ministry of Education (MOE) legally allows only universities where English is the medium of instruction, also called “listed universities,” to teach English to international students, and only these universities are allowed to offer MBBS programs.

NICE Consultants (Pvt) Ltd has 25 years of experience in providing recruitment services to CEE-listed medical universities and top Chinese medical universities.

English-speaking public universities in China are listed by the Ministry of Education.

The annual cost of the listed universities is about Php 10-11 million, including full tuition, housing, and food costs; the MBBS program consists of five years of study and one year of internship, so a total of six years are required to complete the MBBS program and obtain a degree. The cost of the entire MBBS program is between 65 and 70 million pesos.

Unfortunately, most Pakistanis do not know that English-language universities listed by the Ministry of Education can legally offer MBBS.

Universities that do not focus on English are known as bilingual universities. Their annual expenses are between P7.5-8.5 million, including all costs such as tuition, housing and food.

Students who meet the admission criteria can apply to universities in the UK.

They must score at least 70% in the medical entrance exam and 60% in their major. Those without these scores cannot apply to the universities listed by the Department of Education.

Bilingual universities for MBBS study in China

Bilingual universities mean that Chinese and English taught together, and since these universities charge lower tuition fees.

Pakistani students are more likely to do so. However, with the exception of a few, most do not have an MBBS degree. The name of their degree is MB (Bachelor of Medicine), and in these universities, students have to take the HSK4 exam in the first year, a one-year Chinese language course, and it is very important to pass the exam, otherwise, you cannot continue your medical studies in the second year.

Disadvantages of bilingual universities

Tragically, many students who are not serious about studying not admitted in the first place.

and if they fail, they expelled from the university and then live in a dormitory readmitted (often hiding from their families).

At bilingual universities, medical courses are taught in English.

but there is a risk that they will suddenly switch back to Chinese at any time. As in the past, many universities are bilingual and teach medicine in English in the second year, but then revert to Chinese and all students either study in Chinese or transfer to another university. (Since emigration to China is simply not possible).

and at their own risk, some universities have suddenly reverted to the Chinese medium, such as Taishan Medical University and Jining Medical University and many others.

Note that registration for PMC in Pakistan is difficult if a student is taking a medical course in Chinese.

as students studying abroad must learn English.

Very few reliable bilingual Chinese universities offer medical courses in English.

Although it is difficult for us to take responsibility for a comprehensive bilingual university.

it is our experience that there are some universities that best suited to accept students with grades below 70% or those who want to study medicine at a low cost.

We can offer our services to them and make recommendations. Otherwise, taking up studies in a cheap university means wasting your future, money and time. Therefore, contact us or seek advice from an experienced consulting company that can draw on its experience to help you have a bright future.

Decide calmly, because you can not buy it cheap on the market and then regret it. It is a waste of time and money, and you cannot redefine your future.

If you want to study MBBS and practice in a Commonwealth country or abroad.

you can only apply to English-speaking universities.

If you are serious about your future and are looking for an experienced and reliable MBBS.

English or bilingual admissions consultant, you have come to the right place. Every year, people who are looking for MBBS studies in China and those who have done a lot of research for their future MBBS studies finally find us to meet their needs. At NICE Consulting, we always committed to providing you with the best service, with great experience and up-to-date information.

How can I apply for MBBS study in China?

If you really interested in applying for MBBS, English or Bilingual, just scan and send your documents via WhatsApp or email. Pay the application fee for admission and we will match you with the university that best fits your needs and make you an offer. Students who have taken exams and are waiting for their results can also apply for admission.

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