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Halloween – the legend of Jack O’Lantern

Halloween can be traced back to the Celts. These once began a festival at the end of the harvest and the beginning of winter. Happy Halloween memes they believed that night the gate to the underworld opened and the deceased would return for a short time.

Halloween in Irish Legend

According to an Irish legend, the devil wanted to fetch a farrier named Jack Oldfield the night before All Saints’ Day. Jack was not enthusiastic about it and tried to trick the devil.

So he offered him his soul in return for the last drink. The devil agreed, but could not pay the host and quickly turned into a coin. Jack grabbed it and put it in his purse, in which he kept a silver cross. As a result, the devil was trapped. As a price for his freedom, the devil negotiated the following: If Jack released the devil, he could live on for another 10 years. They came to an agreement and the devil left angrily.

Exactly 10 years later, he came back and demanded Jack’s soul again. But Jack asked him again for a favor. He wanted to eat another apple before he had to die. The devil agreed, climbed an apple tree, and picked an apple for Jack. However, he quickly pulled out his knife and carved a cross into the tree.

Again he had outwitted the devil who was stuck in the tree. Good advice was expensive and they had to agree on a solution again. This time, in return for his freedom, the devil promised not to claim Jack’s soul for all eternity.

So Jack could live on for many years and be happy to have outwitted the devil. But when he died and stood at the gate of heaven, the gatekeeper sent him away. He had been an evil man during his lifetime and was not allowed in. After all, he explained to him the way to hell instead. Jack made his way there, but the gatekeeper of the Gate of Hell also sent him away. Because Jack had wrested from the devil the promise to leave his soul alone.

Now Jack had no place to go after his death. He stood in the dark cold and froze miserably. Even the devil felt sorry for him and gave him glowing coal,halloween captions which he took directly from hellfire. She should help warm Jack and give him a light. Jack quickly put the coal into a hollowed-out turnip, which he happened to carry with him as provisions. And with this beet lantern (now pumpkin lantern) he has been wandering back and forth for ages.

Templates and craft instructions for all kinds of lanterns are available on the Internet. For example, on the page of Geolino or Familie.de

Which bulb for which age?

Older children can already handle carrying a lantern or lantern with a candle. However, small children should rather get a light stick (battery-powered or electric) in their hands. Light sticks are especially recommended for children of kindergarten and preschool age.


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