How big should a Rug be Under a Couch?

There are several factors to consider when buying or choosing the perfect rug to place under your couch. Not only do you want it to complement the style of your furniture, but you also want it to be functional and practical in your space. Here are some quick tips on finding the right size rug under your couch so you can make your choice confidently and quickly!

Size of the furniture

Suppose you’re planning to purchase a new couch and want to know what size of rug would work best underneath it. In that case, chances are you’ve across multiple suggestions online—ranging from 2×3 ft to 3×5 ft. But what is considered an appropriate rug size to cover your flooring?

Experts at Professional Couch Cleaning Sydney say that every piece of furniture in your home requires two feet of clearance for optimal maintenance. For couches, rugs that measure 3×5 ft provide more than enough padding for daily vacuuming and other such chores. If you’re looking for something smaller, your best bet is a good-quality area rug measuring 2×3 ft or larger.

Size of the room

Measure the size of your couch first. This will help with figuring out what size of rug you’ll need. Suppose you have a very small or narrow area for your furniture. In that case, it may makes sense to consider combining two smaller pieces instead of one giant sofa and loveseat combo. You’ll then have room for each piece on its own and can find matching rugs that fit their individual dimensions. Another option is to buy an extra-long couch; if your sofa is longer than 8 feet, buying separate pieces isn’t as necessary. In these cases, look for rugs in different widths so that no matter where someone sits, there’s at least some coverage on the floor around them.

Size of the rug

A rug is an often-overlooked investment that is easily overlooked in budgeting and planning. The amount of flooring you need for your room depends on what kind of flooring you have, how well-insulated your space is, and where you plan on placing your furniture. A large area rug can drastically change how a room looks. Still, it’s important to figure out exactly what size of area rug will work best for your room before making any purchases. Some places will even come to measure your space for free. So if you don’t want to spend too much money on a great-looking piece, take some time to considered whether you really need one!

Rugs and colors

Carpet and rugs come in all colors and styles, but most will work with any color scheme. However, there are rules about how many to have and where to put them. In terms of number, experts recommend having one rug for every six feet of floor space in your room. This works well if you needs to anchor furniture with them or want several throughout a room. When it comes to size, experts say you should allow at least three feet between furniture (such as couches) and your largest piece of furniture (your dining table), so there’s ample walking space around these focal points.


While you can measure your rug’s size to make sure it fits, professional couch cleaning Sydney suggest that you shouldn’t worry too much about having too large or small of a rug underneath your couch. Suppose it looks balanced, sits comfortably, and completes your design vision for that room. In that case, it will look right—no matter its exact measurements.

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