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How Icebreakers in Team Meetings can Have a Productive Effect

Although they are a necessary part of doing business, few people look forward to meetings. You can do many things to increase engagement and enjoyment in meetings, and you may have tried some, including researching how to add background in teams. However, one of the best ways to increase meeting productivity is through icebreakers.

It Is Ok To Have Fun at Work

You and your staff spend at least one-third of your time at work. No one wants to spend that much time in an environment that they dislike or feel uncomfortable with. Icebreakers provide periods of fun for the entire staff. These periods give you opportunities to ask crazy questions, do fun physical activities or play games.

Icebreakers help relieve the tension and boredom many find in meetings. They also bring fun into the workplace, which can give your employees a necessary mental break, rejuvenating them to tackle their next project.

Building Strong Team Bonds

Today’s workforce does not build relationships easily, especially in the workplace. Most tend to keep their heads down and focus on their work. In fact, many, especially those who work remotely, don’t have regular interaction with their peers. However, your staff needs to bond with you, the company and their peers to be productive and develop a sense of loyalty.

Like working to customize Zoom backgrounds to build consistency and belonging throughout the organization, icebreakers build a sense of community. They help your staff get to know each other in unique ways. As they share their values, goals and personalities, your employees gain a greater respect for those around them. Also, as they learn more about their coworkers, they gain empathy.

Opens Communication

Communication is vital in business. Your teams cannot work successfully, your staff does not develop loyalty and your company cannot share its vision without open, effective communication. However, your staff may be intimidated or feel insecure around you and other members of your management team. One of the best ways to relieve this pressure and make them more comfortable is to use icebreakers in meetings.

If you can joke around and are willing to look like a fool in front of your staff, they should feel more comfortable speaking with you. This allows you to clarify your company values and vision as well as help them learn more about the importance of their work in achieving your company goals. It also makes them feel more comfortable asking you questions and making suggestions that will increase their productivity.

Encourages Collaboration

As your employees get to know you and their peers better, they become more open to collaboration opportunities. Because they learn to view things from different perspectives, they begin to understand the value of working together.

Collaboration produces innovation. It increases productivity as your staff finds new ways to work. They may even create technological solutions for simple, redundant tasks so they have more time to spend on innovation and other more important duties.

As you prepare for your next meeting, do more than adopt an engaging Google Meet custom background. Search for fun icebreaker activities that you can integrate into your meetings, and watch your staff’s productivity soar.

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