How to Fix Common Hot Water Service Unit Problems?

Water heater has become an integral part of our winter routines. Also, you need to keep it maintained when you have one home. A regular servicing will not only save you money for expensive repairs, but also help in enhancing the shelf life of the hot water.

Here are the common hot water problems that can occur. Also, here are mentioned some ways to do the hot water service.

General Water Heating Problems

Electric boilers are high voltage appliances and it means that you have to be careful when working with them. Make sure the power is off before you do anything about the hot water service panel heater.

No Hot Water

If you don’t have hot water service, there are many possible causes and you’ll need to go through each of these methods to eliminate each – and it will also depend on whether you have an electric or gas heater.

  • The most obvious reason why the electric heater does not work is that it faces some kind of loose connection in the circuit. Therefore, start by checking that the circuit breaker is off. If so, it’s a quick fix – just turn it off and on again. You can also replace the fuse if it explodes.
  • The next step is to check the high temperature disconnection.
  • Open the panel and press the red reset button.
  • Make sure the water is warming up.
  • Another possibility is that you have the wrong heater or radiators. Try and replace if necessary.
  • If after watching each of them you still can’t figure out why you don’t have hot water, maybe it’s time you call up a professional.
  • Check whether the gas valve is open. If this is not a problem, you may have problems with the pilot or the burner.

Water Heater Does Not Have Enough Hot Water

Even if you don’t have enough hot water service, the reason will depend on the type of heater you have. If you have a tank heater, your tank may not be large enough for your needs. For example, if your tank is too small for the number of baths, you may consume all the hot water before it is all over. If so, you may want to consider buying a new boiler that will suit your needs.

If your heater used to produce enough hot water for everyone, but it stops suddenly or the water no longer heats up enough, the problem is probably caused by a hot water service heater failure. Check it and replace if necessary. Another quick solution is to check the thermostat – you have to switch it to a higher setting.

Keep in mind that you need to raise the thermostat in winter because the groundwater you heat is colder than in summer. If you have a heater without a tank, you can try to run multiple devices to power the unit, so check how many devices your unit is considering.

Water Is Very Hot

This is mostly because the hot water service thermostat is set too high, but it is a quick fix. Just press the thermostat and you should go. If this does not help, check the temperature pressure valve – if it is defective, the heater will not turn off when it reaches the correct temperature. This is a dangerous condition and the valve must be replaced immediately.


These are the common problems that you may encounter at any point of time. Also, you need to keep in mind that it is best to call the professionals when the problem seems severe. As it is connected to electric, professionals always take the proper measure while fixing it.

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