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How to fix the sidebar below content error in WordPress

Ways to fix this issue

It is likely to have a huge amount of disadvantages. It not only affects the functioning of the website but also destroys the backlink which is added to a website on WordPress. One such common type of functional error is the sidebar below content error. In order to fix this mistake and disruption in the functioning of WordPress, it is essential to follow the given mentioned steps of how to fix the sidebar below content error in WordPress.

Undo the recent changes to the theme

The most important type of error can happen due to the changes in the theme that you have recently applied to the domain of the website. This happens because there is a mismatch between the updated version of the theme and the WordPress domain that you are using. It can happen because both the versions are not similar and that is why the intricacies of the theme are not applied to the domain per se.

That is one of the largest types of problems that are faced by most beginners on this platform. You can undo the changes by resetting the factory settings of WordPress. There are 57% chance that the problem would be fixed by this solution. But there are other methods as well with the help of which this problem can be fixed.

Change the plugins

You can also change the plugins of WordPress for fixing the problem. You need to visit the WordPress plugin section Tab on the settings column. After visiting that display box, a list of options would appear in front of you. Is considered to be one of the most important steps in which you can change and upload the plugins which are causing a configuration problem in WordPress.

its an easy method by selecting the plugins from the dropdown list and then applying the settings to all the WordPress domains that you hold. It is considered to be an effective solution to almost every kind of problem. It is a very easy step but however, you can lose data by changing the plugins. That is why inside your situation you need to understand the intricacies of the problem in a much better way.

Find Html breakout

The coding of the WordPress domain is also executed in the HTML language. This language can be disrupted by additional cookies and traffic which try to change the coding format. In such a situation it is extremely important to understand the exact positioning of the HTML coding. You can also try to impose a shield on WordPress domain with the help of which any change in this coding would be notified to the domain holder.

This is a very important process for bringing the desired changes. This will ultimately help the people to fix the problem immediately whenever it turns up. Sidebar Below Content Error also helps to fix the unwanted and unexpected breakdown of the entire theme of the website. This is also considered to be an effective method for bringing the desired result. Also, very helpful in causing a lot of help in the long run.

Finding the refresh facility

If you cannot solve this problem with any of the methods above, then you can try the easiest method which has been listed. Under this method, you would be finding the facility of the refresh button. This particular button would be allowing you to factory reset all the settings of the WordPress domain so that this error does not come up.

It is an effective solution for bringing the best possible result in the minimum amount of time. But the only disadvantage which is associated with this particular methodology is losing the data that you have been working upon. However, in such a way, you can definitely try to change the facility settings and create a backup of the data. This would allow you to get done with both the type of problems that come up.


Ultimately, you can try any of these methods for how to fix the sidebar below content error in WordPress. It is important because any type of presentation error on the website domain leaves a very bad impression on the customer who is visiting that website. It reduces the experience of interface advantage and does not forward the advantages of an easy interface. This breaks down the customer change and the customer engagement rate.

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