How to Get Real Instagram Views With Facebook Ads?

real instagram views

Instagram is undoubtedly filled with most beautiful and captivating photos. Everyone creates an interesting and unique account on it. You may also have a beautiful Instagram feed, but if no one is there to appreciate it, you will feel your efforts weren’t enough.

 Specially if you own any business profile or page, or want to get monetary benefits, having a lot of real instgram views is your need. It also matters a lot for you to gain real, organic views. Real views will bring engagement to your profile, interact on your posts and will ultimately buy your products.

There are a lot of ways to get real views, but these ways take a long time for your reach to grow. The easiest method for this is investing in some ads on Facebook. Do you want to know more about getting the best out of it these ads? Then, this article is perfect for you. Few easy tips and tricks on how to get real Instagram views with Facebook ads are:

Find target audience

No one wants to spend a fortune on facebook ad trying to show it to every person. The views from people who are genuinely interested in your product or posts, viewing your stories, following the links to your websites are what that really matters. To achieve this purpose, you need to set your ad for these type of people. Fortunately, you can easily customize audience for your ad on Facebook.

The best option is to choose look alike audience. Because many people following same type of accounts will see your ad this way. It’s most likely that these people will find you interesting as well and view your posts and stories.

You can also figure out target audience from your other accounts. Promoting your Instagram account on other social media platforms like your Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook etc is an easy way to do it. Most people following you at other platforms will immediately view your Instagram as well.

Utilize top performing posts

The easiest way to know which type of images will prove to be best ads is to check your organically top performing post. Evaluate which posts brought highest number of likes and comments and use them as an idea for ads.

You can also use the same exact posts for ads on Facebook, just make sure that these are relevant enough for audience now. In this way, you will get an idea of what people tend to like more on your account. While generating more ads, keep this sketch about people’s preference in view.

Create attractive campaign

While selecting what to post on ads, keep in mind that you can create facebook ad to change the minds of your audience with this little image or 15 second short video. Make it attractive and brief but well informing about your profile.

 The main purpose of ads is to drive people to open your account and encourage more views and follows. It can only be achieved by making captivating ads. So, work on it.

Match your ads and audience

The basic tip is to know your audience well and generate ads according to them. Any person having a makeup business won’t target the market of children or men going to gym. It’s as simple as that. You should find a co-ordination between your audience and the genre of your Instagram account to get more views.

Your ads should be targeted to the people who might genuinely view and like your posts. Matching your ads with the audience will bring the right kind of people to your account, who will most likely follow you for future after viewing your posts.

Evolve your strategies

You need to continuously analyze and optimize your ads and advertising strategies. The best feature of paid social media campaigns is that you can improve it with time, including or excluding certain things.

You can carefully observe which ads are generating more views and which of those are giving you bad views to cost ratio. In the long run, keep only best performing ads and stop investing on low grossing ones.

These are few ways to get maximum views from Facebook ads. Along with Facebook ads, you can also get more views by using other techniques. You can add social media profile links or buttons on your website.

You can promote your Instagram account on other social media accounts but keep in mind that if both of your accounts have exact replica posts then people might only be interested in one. Use ads wisely and be on your merry way of social media success.


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