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How to Say Beautiful in Spanish

 It is likely that describing someone as beautiful will never wear out your loved one, but you can use other ways of communicating and expanding your communication horizons. By learning the words for beautiful in different languages like Spanish, you will have creative ways to express your admiration for beauty.
For (masculine) you can use “hermoso” or “hermosa” and for (feminine) you can use “hermosa”. Other options are available as well. It is common to use either “precious” or “precious” when referring to valuable objects.

Spanish name for beautiful: Hermosa (feminine), Hermosa (masculine)

In addition to referring to something that is beautiful, the word can also apply to something that is beautiful as an object, such as art, or to someone, a place, or something in general. Here are some examples:

The Spanish Word for Beautiful


Different ways of expressing beauty in Spanish are listed below.


  • hermoso (beautiful, handsome, lovely, good, fair, goodly)
  • precioso (beautiful, charming, precious, nice, dreamy, dinky)
  • bello (beautiful, gorgeous, handsome, lovely, beauteous)
  • bonito (good, beautiful, pretty, beauteous, lustrous)
  • lindo (cute, sweet, beautiful, attractive, comely, bonny)
  • magnífico (magnificent, marvelous, grand, impressive, superb, beautiful)
  • guapo (handsome, beautiful, pretty, charming, comely, good-looking)


  • las la belleza (beautiful)
  • el lo bello (beautiful)

Spanish words for beautiful will make it easier for you to compliment someone or something. The positive adjective is used to describe people or the weather, so the more of them you have, the more compliments you can heap on. Everybody loves a compliment. As a bonus, you will also have the ability to woo someone by knowing words for “beautiful”.

If you’re picking up ladies and looking for romance in Spanish, these “beautiful” words can be useful. If you know a few keywords in Spanish, you will be able to impress people regardless of their language proficiency.

You will have vivid descriptors for any situation by learning how to describe beauty in Spanish. It’s a good idea to start by learning Spanish adjectives, but your vocabulary will grow as you learn more advanced terms.

Beautiful can mean different things in different languages. Around the world, there are a number of different ways that the word beautiful is used, including several widely spoken languages. The total number of languages spoken globally is in the hundreds. There are some languages in which additional phrases or words also mean beautiful. A foreign language dictionary can provide even more options.

What Does Beautiful Mean in the English Language?



The word beautiful has many different meanings all over the world.

  • Our significant others know they are beautiful inside and out when we say this phrase to them.
  • We say the same thing about nature around us.
  • When we admire flowers, we say this phrase.
  • A person or something can become so enamored of us that they know we appreciate them without even saying a word. a word.

A word’s power cannot be denied, regardless of the language used to describe it. It will make it even more meaningful to understand what beautiful means in different languages. Your sweetie will be able to feel your love every day, or you can tell them how much you loved them.  Moreover, you can say that you are beautiful to your children, mother, or best friend.

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