How To Setup Canon Printer to WiFi on Mac and Windows Device?

While there are many brands of printers available on marketplace, Canon printer is the first option for users for printing a perfect printing. Canon is famous for its superior printing. To make use of this printer, your initial process is setting it up.

Setup Of Canon Wireless Printer

If you want to learn how to set up a Canon wireless printers, it is easy to carry out following a set of steps. Canon Wireless printer setup can be utilized to connect the user’s computer to the Canon printer using an internet-connected wireless network. If a wireless connection has been established, you will have an advantage to printing anywhere with the device. If a file has been saved on the device and must be printed you can simply choose the file to get it printed. Get to know for how do i connect my canon printer to wifi

Canon Printer Setup Wirelessly

You’re thinking of how to setup an Canon printer for the device you own, whether it’s Mac, Windows, iPad, iPhone, iPod, or Android phone? The easiest way is to you need to download”Canon PRINT “Canon PRINT App”, click your printer’s wireless join button and then the details saved on your device, which includes your wifi password and your name that you have, will be transferred to make setting up easier and faster than at any time.

Different Methods WiFi Setup of Canon Printer

The two ways used in wireless connections include the WPS method as well as the traditional connection method. If a person is searching for the Canon printer setup, one of these options can be utilized to establish the connection. Check that your Canon printer can connect to the Internet prior to beginning.

Setting up Connection for WPS

This method is typically used with Windows as well as Mac operating system. Wireless routers have an option to push-button to enable WPS. Make sure you have the settings for wireless connectivity on your computer, and then make sure that WEP security is enabled. Here are the steps for connecting your Canon the printer with Wi-Fi

  • Switch on the Canon printer, and then place the router near it in order it’s WPS button is within reach.
  • Press the WiFi button until the light turns on.
  • After waiting 2 minutes, press the WPS button on the router.
  • If you are searching on the network when you are searching for a network, the blue light comes present. When connected to the wireless network. The Wi-Fi and power lights will remain.
  • To test the connection, print an image using Canon printer. Canon printer.
  • The sheets should be placed in the printer, and then check that the printer is working well.

It’s time to connect to your Canon Printer to your WiFi network. Try printing a test print and it will perform. These steps can assist the user with Canon printer wireless configuration.

Canon Standard Connection Method

If the router does not come with an WPS feature, then apply this method. Here are the steps for users who want to learn how to set up a Canon printers with this method.

Network Settings

  • Connect your PC to printer to check for the settings for your network.
  • The input tray should be loaded with the papers.
  • Press and hold the cancel or resume button for several minutes.
  • On the printout of this information sheet, make sure to check the status of the connection.
  • Check the name of the network also.

Initial Preparation

  • Check that the printer has been in operation and is properly connected to the printer for setting. If you want to connect via wire the Ethernet cable is necessary.
  • Make sure that the necessary drivers are already installed on your system.
  • Connect your printer to the internet and then check the speed.
  • In the event of an router, connect the printer and computer to the router.

Canon Printer Setup For Windows OS

  • Click Start, select Settings. It will then open.
  • After that, Devices is clicked in the Settings window.
  • In this menu, choose Printer and Scanners . Then, select the option to
  • Add the scanner or printer. This will add the printer to the list.
  • Make sure to connect it with the network of the printer.

Set up your device following the steps listed above. Once the setup is completed you’ll have the choice to begin using the printer. The printer will then be able to be used to print using Windows or Mac, and the Canon wireless printer configuration is complete.

Canon Printer Setup For Mac OS

  • First, go to the System Preferences and then choose Scanners & Scanners.
  • Add + symbol to the printer.
  • In the list that is available Select the printer, then select it and.
  • If you are using a router Connect your Mac gadget and your printer onto the same network.
  • To verify the connection, use the print test.

Connection of Canon Printer to WiFi Router without the WPS Buttons

  • Install Canon IJ Network Device Setup Utilities and run the program.
  • Connect the printer via USB.
  • Choose the connection option USB and then complete your connection.
  • Change the connection option to IPv4.
  • The printer’s password is entered that is the serial number of the printer.
  • Select the wifi network , and enter the WiFi network password to finish the process of connecting.
  • Now , the setup is completed.
  • Take out your USB cable and then add a Printer via the Add device option on the Control Panel.
  • The printer is ready for use.

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