How to stop this annoying noise?

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Do you hear a creaking noise when Handyman work in the huge toilet? This annoying noise is not normal and should alert you to a quick response on your part. Even if the squeak you hear is still mild, it may get worse. How to stop the annoying creaking noise of a wall-hung toilet?

The reasons for the squeaking of a wall-hung toilet

Although the advantages of wall hung toilets are many, sometimes they may have some disadvantages. According to Handyman work, this is particularly the case during a leak, or when they squeak. What is the reason for this annoying noise?

First of all, let’s remember here that wall-hung toilets should not squeak or creak in principle. This is even if it is a question of slight noises which can sometimes sound without necessarily being alarming.

Change suspended bowl to stop squeaking

The wall-hung toilet is undoubtedly the space-saving toilet par excellence. It is very suitable for people with reduced mobility and offers a hygienic and aesthetic rimless toilet. All while being adjustable and always saving space.

At first, the squeaking may be caused by a “play” in the toilet bowl. If so, you need to tighten the wall-hung toilet bowl taking into account the shape of the bowl.

How to proceed in practice? You will generally have to change your seat by following several essential steps. This operation is simple and requires little equipment. Put the new toilet seat in position at the level of the wall-hung toilet. As a general rule, this type of device can be fixed with two nuts which are located behind the bowl. You then only have to tighten or screw the nuts until the toilet seat is firmly in place. Check that the installation is complete and that the seat is mobilized. That’s it.

Improve the fixing of the support frame to the wall

Fixing the support frame often raises many questions. To achieve its correct fixing, the intervention of a plumbing professional is essential.

The toilet support frame makes it possible to firmly fix the suspended toilets by resting either on the ground (freestanding), on the wall (wall-mounted), or on both supports (universal support).

A good installation implies real know-how so as not to make any mistakes. The expert Handyman in Dubai knows how to install a built assembly and takes into account certain technical constraints, and particular load constraints. He always checks the correct distances, in particular, uses a spirit level, and checks the fixing points. The support frame is also selected according to these various data.

If you hear a squealing noise, this may therefore be due to poor mounting of the support frame. It will then be necessary to review the installation and improve it.

Squeaking noise from the wall-hung toilet and pipes that are too long

Sometimes the squeaking noise heard in wall-hung toilets can be caused by the excessive length of pipes. This can also be a cause of your wall-hung toilets leaking. To check the length of the pipe, a spirit level should be placed at the level of the porcelain (ceramic).

If the pipe pushes the sanitary ceramic forwards and the back of the toilet does not stick completely against the partition, hiding the mechanism, this is a sign of excessive length. In this case, a plumber will be able to carry out the necessary work to put your wall-hung toilets back in perfect working order and stop the unpleasant squeaking noise.

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