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How To Use Air Angle Grinders Safely To Avoid Mishaps?

Angle grinders are used for industrial purposes to cut, sand, grind, etc. on materials for usage objectives. An angle grinder is a versatile and powerful tool generally found on construction sites and machine shops. Angle grinders are of two types of air angle grinders and electric angle grinders.

They are differentiated based on what powers them like air angle with air and electric angle with electricity. The usage of air angle grinders is based on the discs that have been put in them since they are versatile. Read on to know more in detail about the use of an air angle grinder to have an overall better understanding.

Air Angle Grinders – The Tools Of The Trade- Uses Explained

Below highlighted are some uses of air angle grinders which are as follows-

For Cutting – The power of the air angle grinders is directed towards the object and cut it into pieces as per the requirements. The discs used here are small and made to cut things easily.

For Grinding– The grinding process includes making the materials smooth by grinding the wheel to turn the parts into powder by constant rubbing against them.

  1. For Sanding– The sanding is worked on the wooden works. The wheel of air angle grinders for sanding is used to make the surface of the wood smooth by removing layers that depend upon the disc you are using.

For Deburring– The work of the deburring on the burrs or the edge of the material to make them smoother. The deburring is also done to make the edges sharp.

For Chamfering– Chamfering of an object can also be done with the help of an air angle grinder’s wheel. The disc that is used can give neat and sloping edges.

For Weld Removal– The process of the weld between the materials can also leave rough edges. The wheel of the air angle grinder is also used to remove the weld.

Don’t Get Sucked In: The Dangers of Air Angle Grinders

The power and the efficiency of the tool are best only if it is shown on the materials. It is not good if you came on their efficiency radar as well. Here is how to avoid such situations.

  • Careful While Handling The Wheel

The air angle grinders use the wheel, a wheel that is powerful enough to cut down strong materials. If you do not want your hands to come in contact with them it’s better to be wary while handling the angle grinder.

  • Use Your Safety Kit– It happens that a particle of the object can propel and reach your eyes. To avoid such particles which can be in the air you must wear the right kit for protection.
  • Avoid Old Wheels– It can be possible that the wheel you are using gets stuck in the material while cutting or kickback to you which can cause injury. To avoid such kickbacks, make sure that the wheel you are using is safe and not too old.
  • Remove flammable Things– When using the air angle grinders, the sparkles are the natural cause of the friction which has been created. The sparks create heat that can be spared and might become the reason for the fire. It is best in our interest to keep all the flammable materials away.


Finally, the air angle grinders with their power and versatility are used in many places. The usage of an air angle grinder is dependent on the disc and the purpose of the work. Although they are powerful, they also bear the risk of causing any mishaps. The article has gone through 4 safety tips to avoid such situations.



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