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How To Use The Damascus Grinder

Damascus Grinder
How To Use The Damascus Grinder

At first glance, it may seem that only professionals at manufacturing plants, private blacksmiths, locksmith shops, and service organizations can sharpen knives on a machine. However, small Damascus grinders are quite appropriate at home, in personal garage boxes, or in the kitchens of catering establishments.

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Sharpening knives on a grinding machine, firstly, saves time and effort, and secondly, it allows you to make the sharpest, even cutting edge. In addition, the machine can easily sharpen many tools used in the household: drills, planer knives, mowers, meat Damascus grinders, trimmers, agricultural implements, chisels, scissors, and so on. The grinding machine can be supplemented with a grinding wheel that allows you to polish objects to a mirror finish. generally,

How to properly sharpen a knife on a Damascus grinder

You can start with the fact that the most compact portable sharpeners do not need to select a special place for permanent attachment, they are conveniently stored along with tools somewhere on a shelf or in a locker. When the time comes, the machine is taken out and fastened with clamping clamps to a table, workbench, or even a stool. 

Stationary machines, larger and more powerful, need permanent fixation by bolting. In both cases, the place of permanent or temporary attachment should be chosen in height for working in a standing or sitting position, so that it is convenient to firmly hold the knife blade at a certain angle.

How to use the Damascus  grinder for electrical safety resemble the rules of the PUE:

  • you need to connect the machine to a suitable power supply with the appropriate rated voltage of 110/220/380 volts;
  • the cable line to the connection point (socket) must correspond to the power of the machine;
  • do not allow the capture or jamming of the rotating emery;
  • do not wet the emery with water, or place the machine in wet conditions;
  • if grounding of the machine body is provided, it must be done in advance.

For safety and increased convenience of work, for turning knives, you can use a special holder with bolt clamps that fasten the blade from the side of the butt. Such a holder eliminates the possibility of injuries and allows you to more accurately control. The angle of sharpening, while holding the knife by the handle with one hand, and the other hand is directed by the holder to the emery.

Branded knives need

Branded knives need to be sharpened at an angle determined by the manufacturer based on the design of the blade, cutting properties, steel hardness, and hardening. The sharpening angle usually varies from 20 to 40 degrees.

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In principle, it is not necessary to know the value of this angle, you just need to sharpen it in the plane of the original descent. Electric emery, especially high-speed, with a medium-grained wheel, quickly eats steel. So the main principle of machine sharpening is to smoothly run the edge over. The emery at the same speed, with uniform force, and at the same angle.

Double-sided symmetrical 

If the knife has a double-sided symmetrical descent, sharpening is performed sequentially on one side, then on the other. In this case, we draw the edge along the periphery of the emery wheel (not along the end) with an average clamping force from the heel of the blade to the tip. When approaching the tip, we slightly weaken the force to avoid spoiling the vulnerable tip. Usually, two or three such passes on each side (equally) are enough until a noticeable burr appears. If the knife has a one-sided descent. Sharpening is performed on its main site in the same way until a burr appears. And then only light finishing is done on the reverse side.

If the machine has two circles, one of them is the main one, usually medium-grained. And the second is additional fine-grained or grinding. On a fine-grained wheel, finishing is performed alternately on each side with light pressure. At the same angle, in one or two passes. 

On a grinding wheel made of felt or fabric. You can clean the edge to a razor-sharp sharpness and a mirror finish. Light steel blades can be sanded across the blade, while black carbon steel blades are usually sanded downhill only. Here, the pressing force is not so important: if you press harder. It will be polished faster if it is weaker and longer.

How to sharpen knives on a multifunctional Damascus grinder? 

The working area of ​​an open circle on such machines is usually located frontally on top. While on conventional electric emery in front. The sharpening technique itself in this case does not change, only the blade is applied to the emery. The cutting edge facing not down but parallels the plane of the machine attachment.

We hope that this informational material is explained in an extremely intelligible way. How to sharpen knives on the machine will be useful for the practical implementation of the described process.

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