iPhone 6 Cool features you should be using

Cool features on the iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 6 Plus

New iPhones with larger screens have been released. The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus have received positive reviews. New owners are now learning how to use them. Apple has included some new features in iOS 8 to make it easier for owners to get the most from their iPhones. These are the most useful.

These features were tested on the iPhone 6 Plus, but they should also work on smaller iPhones if not intended for larger phones.


One-handed operation is difficult due to the larger screens of the iPhones, especially the iPhone 6 Plus model. Reachability is a feature in iOS 8 that helps to deal with this issue.

You must enable this feature to use it. Go to Settings > GeneralTap accessibility Make sure Reachability is on (nearly the bottom of your screen).Double-tapping on the Home button can invoke Reachability from any iOS device, even apps. Do not click the button. Instead, tap twice.

This allows the top half of a screen that is not accessible to the user to slide down and occupy the bottom half. App controls are now at the bottom of the screen, within reach of the fingers. Reachability makes it easier to use one hand.To return to the full screen, double-tap once more or tap any other area of the display. More

Display zoom

The iPhone 6 Plus’s display is stunning and high-resolution. Sometimes, the iPhone 6 Plus display may be a little too small for you to read comfortably. You can adjust the setting to make things a little bigger.

You can toggle the View setting from Zoomed to Standard in Settings, located in the middle section of the “Display and Brightness” screen. Before you commit to the change, you’ll see a preview of how it will look.

You may not immediately notice a difference, as the zoom is subtle. After you have made the setting, you will soon notice that things are a lot easier to see and the screen is not as large.


Handoff is a service that allows iPhone 6 owners to share their iPads with other late-model iPad owners. This allows iPhone 6 owners to make phone calls and have their calls appear on the iPad. You can answer calls on your iPad as either a speakerphone, or with headphones.

Text messages will be available on the iPad in the coming weeks, as well as phone calls. Calls and text messages for Macs running OS X Yosemite will be available once it ships.You need to enable Handoff. To do this, go to Settings.

In Settings, tap FaceTime. Turn on FaceTime and toggle it off. Turn on iPhone Cellular Calls and toggle it off, while also keeping it on. Go back to General settings, and tap “Handoff and Suggested apps” to toggle Handoff.

Reboot your iPhone. For each iPad that you want to use with Handoff, repeat the process.Handoff can only be used if both devices are connected to the same Wi Fi network. LTE is not supported. Both devices should be connected to the same Apple ID.

Voice over LTE (VoLTE).

Verizon customers in the US were not allowed to surf the internet while they are on a call. The carrier turned on VoLTE to remove this restriction around the iPhone launch. This capability requires a phone of late-model, which the new iPhones have.Go to Settings > CellularTap and select “Enable LTE”. Can Dogs Eat Cashews Then, you can surf the internet and make phone calls simultaneously with your Verizon iPhone 6 or 6 Plus.

“Hey Siri!”

Siri users are used to pressing the Home screen for long periods of time to get her attention before they ask a question. The default setting is to turn it off (at least on my iPhone 6 Plus), but you can tell Siri to hear the phrase “Hey Siri”

To ask Siri a question, once you have it set up, go to Settings > General > SiriTurn to “Allow Hey Siri”. Speak the question or phrase for Siri as normal.Hey Siri works only when your iPhone is plugged into. This is to avoid excessive battery drain caused by listening for Hey Siri on battery power.

Camera HDR

Although this feature is not new to iOS 8 or the iPhone 6, it’s worth mentioning for those who are new to the platform. HDR is a feature that makes the iPhone’s camera take great photos. This is High Dynamic range, a technique that improves the light-to-dark ratio in a photograph.

The iOS 8 camera app takes three photos at different exposures. It combines the best parts of all three photos into one photo. This is a great way to get better photos in low light situations.

You might get better results sometimes if HDR is off. You can do this by clicking HDR Auto at the top of your viewfinder screen. It might be a good idea to turn it off if you are photographing scenes that have a stark contrast between dark and light. Consider shadows that will make you stand out.

Scenes with vivid colors may produce better results. HDR can produce washed-out colors, so it is worth turning it off. This technology can be used on many other devices and platforms.

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