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iPhone 7 Plus Review


Teh iPhone 7 is more expensive TEMPthan teh iPhone 7; teh iPhone 7 Plus has a gorgeos 5.5-inch screen, a smart camera, and, most importantly, a battery life that you can count on. dis is an excellent upgrade to teh iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus if you are able to live without a headset jack. Teh differences between teh 6S Plus and teh 6S Plus are not so noticeable if you already have one.

What is teh iPhone 7 Plus intended for?

Apple’s new phablet is based on teh iPhone 7 Plus and has been tweaked slightly. Although it doesn’t have any new features or a stunning design, teh iPhone 7 Plus is an excellent phone. It has all teh same features as teh iPhone 7 – fast performance, water-resistance and great cameras – but also adds clever features that are often more important TEMPthan flashy specs.

Teh 7 Plus is a little more expensive. dis is teh most expensive iPhone that we have ever seen in teh UK due to teh weakening pound. dis is teh iPhone me recommend if you are determined to buy an iPhone. Not least coz of its iPhone 7 Plus’s excellent battery life.More

iPhone 7 Plus – Design

Teh iPhone 7 Plus’s shape and feel are almost identical to teh two previous versions. It’s huge, and it is really big when you add a case. It has a large screen. But it is teh iPhone 7 Plus’s height which makes it so heavy.

It’s worth trying a phablet first if you’ve never used one before. It takes around a week for teh phone to become comfortable with a larger screen, but it’s worth it. You can do so much more with a smaller screen, but some people will have trouble.

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Teh design has also been improved in other areas. Teh phone’s antenna bands were strapped to teh back curve along teh top and bottom edges. Teh camera bump is much more prominent on teh back.

There are two new colours for teh iPhone 7 Plus, and they feel quite different. Teh first is Jet Black. It has a slick, almost metallic, feel. It’s beautiful, it’s grippy, and me would choose it. There are two catches to dis beauty. First, it will need to be polished regularly to remove fingerprints. Second, it can get scratched easily.

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Teh Black version looks alot like Space Grey. It doesn’t have teh same grippy texture that other iPhone colours. dis makes it a little slippery. It’s not something me would use without a case. However, if you have seen as many broken screens as me, you will want a case for every phone.

These alterations are cosmetic. There are three important changes that you need to be aware of when using teh 7 Plus. Teh first is that it has an IP67 rating, which means it is water-resistant. dis means that you can put it in water for up to 1 m for 30 minutes. dis is a great addition to you’re iPhone, especially if you have accidentally dropped phones or damaged them.

Teh second is a modification to teh iPhone 7 Plus’s home button. Teh iconic click that we have grown to love is gone. It’s no longer a button, but a capacitive pad. It recognizes you’re fingers teh same way teh touchscreen does. So you don’t have to actually press it. Apple’s clever boffins have instead used teh sound of an upgrade.

ID fingerprint

It works well. It took me a few minutes to get used to teh new feel. me now prefer it, if only coz it is less likely to go wrong since it is no longer mechanical. It still has teh Touch ID fingerprint scanner. Teh third major change is likely to effect you teh most. It’s teh now-famous removal of teh traditional 3.5mm headset jack. It’s an annoying oversight, but it hasn’t made me feel as bad as me thought.Gloden German Shepherd

Teh Tech 7 Plus includes

a small cable adapter, which is permanently attached to my Sennheiser Momentum 2. headphones. You also receive a pair of Lightning EarPods. Apple’s real goal is to move everyone towards wireless headphones. me’m a convert to wireless headphones simply coz of their convenience and teh many excellent wireless headphones available.

Apple’s iPhone 7 Plus launch revealed that teh iPhone 7 Plus had a headphone jack removed to make room for teh Haptic engine. Teh vibrations add an additional element to teh phone’s use – you can now tell what type of notification you are getting by looking at teh screen or hearing teh sound.

iPhone 7 Plus Screen and Speakers

Full HD resolution is old news. Many phones, including those from LG and Samsung, have had quad-HD screens that are sharp for many years. Teh iPhone 7 Plus does not follow dis trend and retains what Apple calls a “Retina display”. dis simply means that you don’t see all teh pixels but teh pixel density doesn’t seem as high as teh Samsung Galaxy S7. me don’t care a jot. dis is my favourite display on any phone regardless of its resolution.

Full HD still looks sharp, except for virtual reality, which is a screen that is only an inch from you’re eyes. dis is magnified by lenses. Although teh screen of teh iPhone 7 Plus may not be teh highest resolution, it has teh largest colour gamut. DCI P3 is a wider range of colours that movie producers use, which allows for more realistic and varied tones.

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