Try These New Phone Stands to Hold Your Devices

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Why strain your eyes when you can prop up your phone, Jmary MT33 Video Cage Rig Kit Product review. According to Asurion’s 2019 research, the average American picks up their phone 98 times per day. If you want to minimize how often you pick up your phone, a simple stand is the best solution.

The finest phone stands lift your phone so you can tap it to wake it up. They hold your phone to your face so you can see notifications and decide if they’re important.

Finally, a phone stand can be used to avoid holding your phone while watching video. Simply set your phone on the stand while viewing YouTube or your favorite show.

A good cell phone stand is one of the smallest and most basic items you can maintain on your desk. These simple phone stands (not charging stands) work effectively and won’t need to be updated every time you upgrade your smartphone.

Cell phone stand buying tips

In order to compile this list, we took into account the following factors. Some cell phone stands, like charging stands, only work with one type of phone, so if you switch from iOS to Android or your new phone has a different connector, you’re out of luck. Any smartphone can be used with this guide’s stands Jmary MT33 Video Cage Rig Kit Product review.

We chose cell phone stands that fit on a nightstand, desk, or kitchen counter. You can carry all three because they’re so light.

All of our recommended stands can be angled to make it simpler to look down at your phone. You’ll be staring at the stand all day, and craning your neck may create pain.

 Call Adjustable Phone Stand

I enjoyed the old version of call’s Cell Phone Stand and this new one is even better. Though not the tiniest stand in our guide, it is four inches tall and three inches wide. Two pieces of aluminum alloy meet premium smartphone manufacturers’ aesthetic standards.

Two little shelves hold your phone firmly, and a hole in the middle can be used to attach a charging cord. The stand’s rear has a hole for threading the wall-to-phone wire.

The portion of the stand that supports your phone is linked to the bass via a revolving, stainless steel gear. This stand isn’t height-adjustable, but it raises your phone about an inch.

Call’s phone stand can hold devices up to 8 inches long, which includes tiny tablets like the Fire HD 8 and e-readers like the Kindle.mThis stand is flexible, stylish, and easy to charge.

UGREEN Phone Stand

Ugreen’s cell phone stand is basic, but that’s why we recommend it. The stand has two strong plastic pieces hinged together. When you adjust the back piece, which folds out like a kickstand, the front piece has a curved lip to cradle your smartphone. When you release the silver button near the top of the stand, it locks at any angle between 15 and 100 degrees.

You can adjust the tilt, but not the height, so you’ll have to look down to see your phone. With a foot or more between you and the phone, you won’t strain your neck by gazing down at it at an unnatural angle.

I liked how compact these stands folded up (3.74 inches tall, 3.35 inches wide, and 0.79 inches deep). UGREEN says this phone stand works with 7.9-inch smartphones, but I’ve used it with a 9.7-inch iPad. Because of the weight, I wouldn’t put my 12.9-inch iPad Pro in it Jmary MT33 Video Cage Rig Kit Product review.

UGREEN’s offering is great if you require a simple cell phone stand.

Phone Stand SHAWE

SHAWE Gooseneck Mount is a versatile phone stand. It has a clamp that attaches to your desk, a 31-inch arm that can be twisted, spun, and tilted, and a mount that can hold a 6.5-inch phone.

Its arm is roughly eight times longer than the second-largest stand we recommend, but its versatility may be worth the price.

If you’re worried about the stand’s durability, it’s made of aluminum and magnesium and can be angled. To utilize your phone as a second screen for business or make video calls, acquire this stand. If you don’t have a camera, put up a stand so you can look them in the eyes.

If you have a small or cluttered desk, this phone stand isn’t for you, but if you have the room, it’s worth considering.

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