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The Council for the Promotion of Open Online higher Education in Japan will hold a free online workshop titled “Learn Education from School” on January 31, 2022. In the workshop, we will discuss with the participants the educational hints of obtained from the confusion and creativity of the field due to the implementation of School.

In primary and secondary education, as a result of the implementation of the school concept two years ahead of schedule, large-scale fluctuations occurred, the site was puzzling, and various ideas were made. Under these circumstances, the huge Open Education Promotion Board of Japan planned to hold a workshop to discuss higher education tips with the participants under the theme “How did we solve school presentation problems?”

In the workshop, Mr. Shinpei Toyofuku from GLOCOM International University and Mr. Soichiro Hirai from InfoCom Research will give lectures. Mr. Toyofuku will be on stage under the slogan “80% failure is not an overstatement is school presentation still troublesome?”

One stopper high school

On December 16, 2021, the four organizations that promote ICT education, including ICT CONNECT21, submitted a proposal to the Deputy Minister of Digital, Fumiaki Kobayashi, on “Maintenance of computer terminals and school communication environment for each secondary school” in the digital agency. . Presenter.

This time, the proposals were submitted by ICT CONNECT21, the Japan Association for the Promotion of Educational Informatics, the Japan Association for Audiovisual Education, and the four organizations for the promotion of ICT education of the National Council of Chiefs of Education important. The proposal describes the current situation and measures to improve the communication environment for each person in high school.

Some local governments are of the opinion. So that smartphones can be use as peripheral devices for high school students. But according to the notification of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science. And Technology on March 12, 2021, the maintenance of peripheral devices on smartphones. It must meet the standards and specifications to realize the concept of School.

Data analysis, literary research and reports

If you want your child to not just be tech smart, and have a vivacious knowledge about tech, always begin with a good early education. If you look at this international school in Singapore, they introduce high achieving extra curricular activities from a very young age.

In addition, as a measure against Corona, we will immediately improve the environment that allows mixed lessons for all grades, and provide comprehensive guidance for the use of financial measures such as temporary grants for regional revitalization, and schools. It is recommende that a loan method be adopt (allowing terminals to be take out). And if it is difficult to adopt, it is recommend. So that the final maintenance be direct through BYAD. And manage at least by MDM (a method of fully assigning final models and performance through schools).

In addition, it is say that there are local governments where the stations. So that are currently being promot in primary and middle schools. Because it cannot be fully use due to the low capacity of the school network and internet line. As more advance methods of use can be considere in secondary schools. So the introduction of high-speed networks, comprehensive security deployment. But system/equipment selection and process management methods through. The “Educational Information Security Policy Guidelines” formulate. By the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, etc.

One of the qualities and abilities

In high school, the new course of study will be carrying out annually starting from the fourth year of Reiwa (2022). In the new course the ability to use information is position as one of the qualities and abilities that form the basis of learning. And even in the new topic “Information 1” all students are involve in programming. And networking including information security and database basics, etc. Since the start of learning, it is necessary to improve. The peripheral environment of each person even at the high school stage.

In the Priority Plan for Achieving a Digital Society decided by the Council of Ministers in December 2021, the state of maintenance in each governorate was determined by the national government, including benefiting from the temporary grant for regional revitalization of new infectious diseases caused by the Coronavirus. . Follow up and encourage the necessary efforts. “Although maintenance policy varies by county and local government. We have aske for cooperation so that we can offer optimal individual learning. And cooperative learning to all high school students.

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