Learning English through the news is not only interesting but also very effective. English news is an excellent resource for learners to understand how native speakers talk. You can utilize daily news in two ways

Learn English With The News: 10 Best Apps

Learning English through the news is not only interesting but also very effective. English news is an excellent resource for learners to understand how native speakers talk. You can utilize daily news in two ways to learn English. For instance, reading English newspapers are primarily beneficial to achieving grammatical skills. Secondly, listening to English news and podcasts improves your listening and speaking skills.

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The benefits of learning English with news 

Though course lessons are sufficient to learn English, reading and listening to the news will improve your overall language skill. News will keep you updated and let you practice English without being bored. Words and phrases used for publishing news are practical and will enrich your real-life vocabulary. You will also learn the appropriate use of each word. It also helps you understand a situation and converse more confidently.

10 Best Apps for Listening to the News 

Check out our recommended apps for listening to the English news:


If you don’t want to miss any breaking news, CNN is the app to go. It covers nearly all news including, Business, Politics, Health, Entertainment, and more. You can personalize its news categories and listen to the CNN live audio. https://www.sommerfuglen.org/profile/top-gun-maverick-free-online-o1r/profile


BBC News app allows complete personalization according to your interests. It helps get news based on your location as well. The app has a feature called Live BBC World Service Radio where you can listen to the news for 24 hours. https://www.greenmesquitebbq.com/profile/free-top-gun-maverick-yts-torrent/profile


For iPhone users, Apple News is the best app for listening to world news. You will get both news and magazines in this single app. Its audio stories are created by talented voice actors to provide you with the best listening experience.

Al Jazeera

Al Jazeera app offers the top stories with personalization for free of cost. It covers a variety of topics so that you can pick your favorite ones and listen to its live video and audio stream for 24 hours.

The New York Times

The New York Times is the perfect app to go if you prefer category-based news analysis and commentary. You will get original podcasts on the app which will improve your listening along with consuming news.

ABC News

ABC News app will let you know the latest stories in top categories including politics, business, technology, science, health, sports, and entertainment. The app has a section called ABC Radio that allows listeners to enjoy news without reading.

Fox News

Fox News is a good app for skimming the latest US and world news headlines. It will provide you with exclusive breaking news and live headlines 24/7 after installation. Along with reading the daily news, you can listen to Fox News Radio and podcasts.

Google news

If you own a smart assistant like Google Home or Nest, you can listen to the latest news from Google. You have to voice command it to tell you about the local and global news like “Hey Google, what’s the latest in business?”


If you want to get curated stories with minimal effort, this app is excellent. The app has an audio category where you can listen to daily news podcasts and the latest headlines. Flipboard’s podcasts are also available on Soundcloud.

AP news

AP News covers a wide range of local and international news. Its app has an online radio which is also integrated into the app. So, you can listen to the latest news all day long and stay informed.

Learn Online English with Amazing Talker

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AmazingTalker is available on almost all Android and iOS devices. Moreover, you can directly use the platform on its website to find a suitable course and your favorite tutor.

The website also has a Korean version to assist Korean people in learning languages like business English. This platform offers 화상영어 so that you can learn English effectively through conversation with a tutor.


So, here are all of our recommended apps that will aid you to learn English through the news. Listening is a very important part of learning and mastering a language. It is the exact way a child learns its mother tongue. You may have learned thousands of vocabulary words. But, the proper application of words is crucial. AmazingTalker will help you learn and apply vocabulary like a native speaker.

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