Memes move from the cryptoverse to the metaverse

In essence, decentralization is and has always been a community-driven revolution in money and culture, and cryptocurrency has served as a key player in the movement. After the advent of cryptocurrency, Dogecoin came in as a meme coin purely to mock investors who bought crypto despite a lack of understanding of the concept. Ironically, Dogecoin grew to become one of the most valuable coins in terms of market capitalization with Hokk Coin price.

Once Dogecoin emerged as a trend

paving the way for conventional utility, and as Metaverse grows and evolves, users are already able to use various cryptocurrencies, including meme coins as payment in various ecosystems. With the power of artificial intelligence, meme coins have finally come to life.

A relative newcomer

to space Kitty Inu ($KITTY) splashed onto the scene with a Fair Launch on October 24, 2021. Dog-themed coin craze, the adorable Kitty Inu meme features a cat disguised in a dog costume, seemingly so she can play with the big dogs can run.

The women-led team behind Kitty Inu is made up of seasoned industry professionals, who have wasted no time laying out their vision and taking on some seriously ambitious projects, especially given the project’s current microcap status.

The $kitty token will be the original currency

Of an NFT-based Free-to-Play and Play-to-Earn racing game, KittyKart, which is being built on the Ethereum blockchain where players race karts to “mine” NFT resources ”. Through continued gameplay, mined NFT resources will then grant either skillset benefits or visual appearance improvements.

Assets can be ‘mined’ (earned) through gameplay or bought and sold on the secondary market through the in-game marketplace. From the preview trailer on the Kitty Inu website, it appears that KittyKart will be colorful, serious and fun,


inspired by past favorites such as Mario Kart and Crash Bandicoot. To further increase the game’s appeal, Team Kitty has acquired popular NFTs such as a Bored Ape, a Deadfellaz and Rumblekong to name a few, to fill the game with characters that will encompass the larger community.

Development for Blockchain

a decentralized Web3 Pixar and Virtual Beings Development Guild founded by Emmy Award winner Edward Saatchi (founder of Fable Studios and co-founder of Oculus VR Story Studio) and blockchain developer Anna Nevison, MS to help develop an Artificial Intelligent Kitty Virtual Being. AI Kitty would use a range of data from sources such as news and world events, cities, communities, social media, facial analysis and Google trends to teach her how to feel. The intent is for AI Kitty to empathize on multiple scales, collect data from the communities that adopted her and, once perfected in the metaverse, find a place in IRL’s public spaces.

Using the use of their token,

Team Kitty Inu also recently partnered with Shopping.io. Where non-US holders can use their Kitty Tokens to shop online at major retailers. They have also engaged the outside legal counsel of international law firm. Squire Patton Boggs to help develop their business venture. In addition, Kitty Inu is Certik verified and the lead developer is KYC Verified by InterFi Network.

The dangers of cryptocurrencies and the benefits of EU law.

Risks of Crypto Assets

Avoiding a central registry and institution. The safe and simple transactions between two parties without an intermediary is part of the appeal of crypto assets. But a lack of legislation (crypto assets currently fall outside the purview of EU law) poses significant risks.

Risks to consumers, businesses and markets

When people deal with crypto assets.

Meaning they could lose money. The widespread use of crypto assets without legislation could lead to financial instability, market manipulation and financial crimes. activities. In the wake of the Ukrainian war, EU countries have restricted trade with cryptocurrencies in Russia or with Russian entities .

Ecological impact
The technology uses huge amounts of electricity, leaving a large ecological footprint. It is estimated that Bitcoin’s energy consumption is the same as that of a small country.

Aging gracefully is possible

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