Gudsen MOZA, the inventive imaging arrangements supplier, Moza Nano SE Extendable Selfie Gimbal Product, revealed its new NANO SE, a keen selfie extendable gimbal. MOZA NANO SE is a lightweight; foldable selfie extended gimbal loaded with highlights. With the new updated MOZA Genie App and the Bluetooth distant regulator, NANO SE permits you to take magnificent photographs and smooth recordings easily, anywhere Moza Nano SE Extendable Selfie Gimbal Product.

Stylish Colors to Match Your Style

The NANO SE is practical and fashionable, offered in 4 of the most well-known varieties to match your style.

Keen Selfie Extendable Gimbal

The NANO SE is a keen selfie extendable gimbal, allowing you to make smooth recordings like the experts. Shoot recordings while panning or strolling without the shake.

Smaller. Lightweight

The super-light NANO SE weighs simply 250g (approx 55lb). Its minimized structure variable can be held in only one hand when collapsed and upholds enormous screen cell phones gauging up to 280g. Very Smart for Super Easy Shooting.

l One Click to Create Masterpiece

MOZA Genie offers a wide assortment of inherent imaginative shooting layouts to make your next film creation simple and tomfoolery. Allow Magic Mode to be your dream to make your show-stopper with only a single tick.

l Poetry in Slow Motion

Make beautifully streaming recordings with Slow Motion Mode. Zoom into the subtleties and dial time back for an innovative, realistic look.

l Capture Evolving Beauty with Time-pass

Make fascinating visual stories with regards to Time-Lapse Mode. Catch the unfurling of staggering nightfalls, a blossoming bloom, and other lovely life-altering situations in short imaginative movies. Shoot Freely with Bluetooth Control.

l Small, Portable, and Detachable

Separate the versatile Bluetooth controller to shoot in good ways remotely. Free your hands by essentially sliding out the handheld controller.

l Wireless Dual Control

Interface the MOZA Genie APP through Bluetooth to double control the NANO SE and versatile phone to appreciate playing stunts as you like.

l Support Native Camera Control

Appreciate controller of the cell phone’s local camera with Bluetooth association. The Nano SE makes shooting fun, simple, and basic Moza Nano SE Extendable Selfie Gimbal Product.

Moment Portrait and Landscape Transition

Never miss the activity. Switch among representation and scene recording to rapidly adjust to different shooting scenes and catch the ideal point with only a single tick.

Investigate, Create, Share All Day

With as long as 10 hours of battery duration, the enduring battery permits you to release your innovativeness to shoot turned off for live streaming, on movement openly, and that’s just the beginning.

Long Extension for Wider Shooting

With 4-stage augmentation, the NANO SE’s extension ability depends on 690mm (approx 27 inches) long, making it an ideal apparatus for more extensive scene shooting.

Recount to Your Story Your Way

Travel, live streaming, Vlog, wedding, group filming, daily minutes, partake in each second in existence with NANO SE.

Cost and Availability

The MOZA Mini MX retails at US$45 and will be accessible for request on MOZA Official Store and retail locations.

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